Bioluminescent (Mosquito) Bay

Bioluminescent (Mosquito) Bay, Puerto Rico Overview

Located in Vieques Island, this 'glow in the dark' bay is an experience that you will never forget.

The Bioluminescent Bay is among Puerto Rico's most iconic places. During the day, you'll probably just cross it without even noticing it as anything special. But come nightfall, the millions of microorganisms that live in the waters emit a blue glow and the entire bay is lit up like one huge light show! It is truly overwhelming and almost unbelievable. As you drift along the water in your boat, the blue glow will be right under you and everywhere around you! Some things to remember are that the microorganisms don't actually only glow in the light, it's the darkness which makes it visible, so on bright full moon nights they aren't as visible. Also, take a kayak rather than a motorboat. The quiet surroundings complement the beauty of the bay and makes the entire experience absolutely mesmerising!

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