Sunset Boat Tours in Phnom Penh

Sunset Boat Tours, Phnom Penh Overview

While Cambodia straddles plenty of scenic waterways, Phnom Penh is extremely popular for its breathtaking sunsets. Get a private boat tour past the capital city’s picturesque landscapes, Tonle Sap’s floating villages and the dense mangrove forests flanking the Mekong River. Then, spend a relaxed evening, with unlimited drinks and dinner, offered on sunset boat tours by Cambo Cruise, Memorable Cambodia Cruise, and Kanika Boats.

A 2 to 3 hours typical boat tour takes travelers past the thriving wetlands in the Mekong, passing through traditional Cambodian villages practising fishing, farming, weaving and pottery. You will enjoy the lush green paddy and rice fields lined with palm trees, watch local Khmer life up close, along with soaking in vibrant hues of sunset. The tours offer complimentary drinks and snacks. Some of the trips also include dining by the river along with additional music and dance performances.

There are also cruises in all budgets if tourists want to experience more of the Mekong, where they can travel between towns for days. The slow boats offer authentic Khmer experience, passing through rugged landscapes and ecosystem.

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Boat Tours Ticket details

The prices of the boat tours depend on the number of hours and the activities involved. It costs roughly between 50 to 75 USD per person and would include snacks and complimentary drinks.

How to book a sunset boat tour

You can book a sunset boat tour at your guesthouse or hotel. You can even book through one of the many tour operators and agents available all over the city or book tours online.

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