12 Restaurants in Phnom Penh for the Best Culinary Experience

The restaurants in Phnom Penh showcase how the rich South Asian Khmer cuisine has grown side by side alongside other international cuisines from around Europe, Asia and America. The growing tourism and foreign investment in Cambodia's capital have resulted in a rise of many modern restaurants and eateries which cater to the taste buds of the modern contemporary traveller. Here are some of the best restaurants that we think you should visit on when in Phnom Penh.

1. Malis Restaurant Phnom Penh

Malis Restaurant Phnom Penh

Malis Restaurant is a Khmer style restaurant with a contemporary twist. Luu Meng, a celebrity chef in Cambodia, made his mission to find and revive the unique flavours of Cambodia, and he is successfully doing this in Malis restaurant.

With the mix of traditional cooking but with a twist with ingredients and textures, Malis Restaurant delivers an enticing array of Cambodian delicacies which you have never seen before. Not only dishes, But You can also enjoy some of the exotic vintage wines in Malis Restaurant.

Address: 136, Norodom Boulevard, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 6:30 AM - 10 PM
Reservations: Official Website
Phone: +855 (0)15 814 888

2. Khema Pasteur

Khema Pasteur

Khema Pasteur is a sophisticated international restaurant featuring a bakery, on-site cafe, and a wide range of imported and home-made dishes. Phnom Penh’s best croissants and pastries or exquisite cakes and macarons are known to be served here.

Along with that, Khema Pasteur has a vast collection of cheese, charcuterie, cakes, pastries and other delicacies and fast foods. The restaurant is also extensive with its selection of Wine.

Address: Corner of Street 228 & Street 51 Phnom Penh, 12211, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM
Phone: +855 15 823 888

3. Topaz


Topaz is a french themed restaurant in the heart of Phnom Penh. French culture is known for its rich, exotic dinings and Topaz serves one of the best French dishes in Cambodia. Not only tasty, but the beautiful decoration of the dishes are also treat for the eyes. This exotic experience doesn’t come cheap. Although expensive, the mouth-watering dishes with vintage wine will give you an unforgettable dining experience on your visit to Phnom Penh.

Address: No.162, Norodom Street, Phnom Penh, 12302, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 2 PM, 6 PM - 10:30 PM
Reservations: Official Website
Phone: +855 15 821 888

4. Flavours of India

Flavours of India

Among the few restaurants in Phnom Penh serving Indian cuisine, Flavours of India is our top pick. This restaurant serves a plethora of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

The flavourful and affordable dishes have garnered high praises from locals and tourists alike. Apart from their food, the warm hospitality and service of Flavours of India staff are unmatchable.

Address: Preah Trasak Palm St. (63), Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 11 PM
Website: Official Website
Phone: +855 23 990 455

5. Backyard Cafe

Backyard Cafe

If you are looking for healthy food in Phnom Penh, Backyard Cafe is the place to go. This restaurant offers a wide range of healthy vegan and vegetarian dishes. In Backyard Cafe, it is believed that food should be eaten as naturally as possible. So it has the highest quality whole food collection you can find in Phnom Penh. Roasted cauliflower, stemmed lentil, brown rice, roasted peppers, guacamole, spinach, and almonds are some of them.

Address: 11B Street 246, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 7:30 AM - 9 PM
Website: Official Website
Phone: +855 78 751 715

6. Irina Restaurant

Irina Restaurant

One of the classic Russian restaurants in Phnom Penh is Irina Restaurant. This restaurant features both Russian and Ukrainian dishes. But also specials from the former Soviet States. Along with non-veg, this restaurant offers a plethora of expensive vegetarian dishes. Apart from that, this restaurant sells homemade sour creams and cottage cheese also. And the best part, this restaurant is reasonably priced, taking into consideration the quality of food it serves.

Address: 22 Street 29, Tonle Bassac, Phnom Penh
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 11 PM
Phone: +855(0)12 833 524

7. Romdeng


Located at a beautifully restored french building, Romdeng is among the Restaurants in Phnom Penh known for serving some of the best traditional Khmer food as well as modern Cambodian cuisines. Here you can gorge on dishes also like a deep-fried tarantula and stir-fried red ants. Their menu is also filled with some vegetable special dishes and salads. 

Not only food, but the place is also famous for its cocktails as well. With a creative mix of drinks, the cocktails are not to be missed.

Also, Romdeng is a part of the Mith Samlanh “Friends” organization which helps street kids to get an education and work in the hospitality industry. So, don’t hesitate to eat there with open arms and tip as much as you can to help them.

Address: 74 Oknha Ket St. (174), Phnom Penh 12210, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 11 PM
Phone: +855 70 519 565

8. 54 Langeach Sros

54 Langeach Sros

54 Langeach Sros is a Khmer style restaurant and beer garden which serves one of the best barbeques in town. Spicy ribs, with a hint of tangy-sweet flavour, Goat-with black ants, ‘fried fish on a fire lake’ and ‘crab with young green paper’ are some of the best dishes here. And the best part, these dishes are remarkably affordable.

Not only barbeque, but 54 Langeach Sros is also beer heaven. Just the variation of beers this place offers will make you fall in love with this place. Local drinks are also available here. Moreover, live band concerts take place every weekend. All in all, you’ll get a refreshing Cambodian experience in 54 Langeach Sros.

Address: St 370, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 3 PM - 12 AM
Phone: +855 92 377 477

9. La’Baab Restaurant

La’Baab Restaurant

Located above the Pharmacie de la Gare, near Vattanac tower, La’Baab Restaurant is a beautifully decorated restaurant. Lower Mekong cuisine heavily influences the dishes served here.

A lot of fish soups, curries, crunchy veggies, and fermented fish are famous in this restaurant. Especially Fish Amok, a perfectly balanced dish with sugary sweetness and a tad bit of bitterness. Also, another star dish is Mam, a dish widely popular in Cambodian homes, which is a fermented fish served with fatty pork belly, adding an extra layer to the dish.

Address: 81 E2 Preah Monivong Blvd (above Pharmacie de la Gare), Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
Opening Hours: 7 AM - 10 PM
Phone: +855(0)99 335 666

10. The Salmon House

The Salmon House

The Salmon House is the treasure house for Salmon lovers. The Salmon importers, who want to showcase the versatility and deliciousness of salmon run this fantastic restaurant. The lunch menu includes different types of salmon served with rice and also an all-you-can-eat salad bar. On the pricier side, a more elaborate two-course meal is offered to the people.

Many people may not like the choice of combinations of foods they have in there, but still, the place stays packed every day.

Address: Street 266 behind Pencil, Phnom Penh
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 11 PM
Phone: +855(0)12 961 662

11. La Coupole

La Coupole

Inspired by the Parisian “Brasserie La Coupole” and decorated with gorgeous wooden decoration and high ceilings, La Coupole is the perfect place to have a quality time with family and friends.

La Coupole has an unmatched collection of Culinary artistry with an extensive selection of exotic wine and champagne.

The menu includes some excellent dishes like “Kep Sea Salt Red Mullet”, “Herbs Roasted Lamb Chops”, “Australian Beef Rib-Eye” and many more.

Address: 26 Old August Site, Samdach Sothearos Blvd (3), 12301, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 11:30 AM – 2 PM, 6 PM – 10 PM
Reservations: Official Website
Phone: +855 88 429 1749

12. Do Forni

Do Forni

Do Forni is considered as the best among the Italian restaurants in Phnom Penh. This restaurant focuses on creating authentic Italian dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients in Phnom Penh. Guest Chefs visit the restaurant throughout the year to create innovative and memorable special menus and wine diner. It makes the place a fascinating venue for all people who want to enjoy the most exquisite Italian dinner and wines.

Do Forni Restaurant features more than 60 labels and has one of the largest and best collections of wine in Phnom Phen. Famous Wine houses to small vineyards producing classic wines such as Piedmont, Lombardia, Veneto and Tuscany, Do Forni features all kinds of Italian Wines in their cellar.

Address: 26 Old August Site, Samdach Sothearos Blvd (3), 12301, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 6 PM - 10 PM
Reservations: Official Website
Phone: +855 23 999 200
Be sure to check out these restaurants on your next trip to Phnom Penh.

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