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The perfect picnic getaway, Alisagar, is located about 13 km from Nizamabad. A sprawling 33 acres garden, complete with flora, a deer park and a lake, Alisagar, built by the Nizam of Hyderabad, is the place to spend an enjoyable day.

A blissful stroll in the serene gardens with myriad flora on either side, the pleasant sight of the golden hued deer munching grass at the deer park, boating in calm waters of the Alisagar lake will surely leave you asking for more. This place is blessed with a historical touch as well for it is close to the famous Nizamabad fort, which was built by the Rashtrakutas of the 10th century. On top, there is a Quilla temple, dedicated to Lord which one can visit. Nearby, there is Sarangpur temple, located atop a hillock. Sarangpur temple is famous for the Ramnavam festival which draws devotees in large numbers. A trip to Alisagar is sure to be every minute worth spent.

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