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Buddhist Temple, Nalbari Overview

Located at the base of the eastern Himalayas, Nalbari is a perfect getaway to explore the wilderness of nature. With Indo-Bhutan border marking the north boundary of the district and Brahmaputra River lying on its south, Nalbari is a place offering and promoting the natural tourism.

The Buddhist Temple is situated in Bangnabari Village, approximately 30 km from Nalbari and1 km away from Mushalpur Chowk. The temple was built 60 years ago by Nepali people.
The temple is known as Sangdo Palgi Gumba and was initiated by Chhatra Singh in the year of 1965. He also constructed a new Gumba for the temple in the year of 1970 - 1971. In addition to that, it is one of the biggest Gumbas in the Nalbari District.

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History of Nalbari

Western Assam, earlier known as Kamarupa, was divided into geographical divisions. Nalbari was placed in Kamapitha division. It was called Kamrup till colonial times. Until 1985, the area which was congruent to Kamapitha later became Undivided Kamrup district of colonial and post-colonial times. Nalbari district was further formed separately and given an individual identity.

Shopping at Nalbari

The place is known for handicrafts made from bamboo and cane. People who love handicrafts will enjoy the collection available at the place. Apart from that, the town is also known for medicinal herbs, rice and tea. So visitors can enjoy their time roaming around and try out different things.

Festivities at the Buddhist Temple in Nalbari

Many devotees come here during festivals like Buddha Purnima and Dhol Purnima and Mela is held here during Buddha Jayanti when people in large numbers visit the place. Visitors can enjoy the place more if they visit the place during the festival time as they get to know a lot about the place. There is one more festival celebrated in Nalbari which is called as Raax festival. It is celebrated lavishly during the month of November. The festivals have always been an essential part of Nalbari. Through the festivals, people get to know about the socio-cultural life related to it.

Legend behind Raax Festival

The reason behind this festival is associated with the Raax Leela of Lord Krishna and his 'Gopis'. It is said that the atmosphere with the autumn moon and gentle breeze made Lord Krishna play his flute. On hearing the beautiful music, the 'Gopis' left their work and accompanied him.

Best Time To Visit Buddhist Temple

The best time to visit the Buddhist Temple is from January to June.

Tips For Visiting Buddhist Temple

Don't miss the sight when thousands of devotees gather here to worship. Make sure you don't carry any extra luggage with you .

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