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Kangojodi, Nahan Overview

Kangojodi is an offbeat destination nestled in the Himachal mountains lined with pine trees, surrounded by majestic hills and ravines. The place hasn’t been popularised yet and sees considerably lower volumes of tourists compared to its overcrowded counterparts. The place is great for a natural retreat away from the hustle bustle of the concrete jungles we have grown accustomed to, it also houses a great camping site with a myriad of offerings like adventure sports, trekking or just some quiet time to yourself. The campsite is the major attraction in the otherwise sleepy town of Kangojodi and also the driving force behind the tourist influx in the area.

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Best Time To Visit Kangojodi

The campsite is open throughout the year, but the best time to visit would be during the monsoons when the hills are greener and the water stream is running full.

Tips For Visiting Kangojodi

1. The camp only has a limited number of cabins with an attached washroom, so make your bookings well in advance to secure an accommodation of your choice.
2. There are no shops or restaurants in the camp vicinity so carry your own snacks and booze, the property doesn't provide these.
3. If you are driving up to the camp from Delhi, make a stop at Murthal and gorge on the decadent stuffed parathas that are famous to this area.
4. Carry a bug repellent along since you will be staying out in the forest.

How To Reach Kangojodi

Camp Roxx is approximately 280 kilometres from Delhi and the nearest railway stations are Barog and Solan. Public buses are not common around the area, so you might have to drive up in your vehicle or rent a car. The camp site can be accessed via a dirt track 3 kilometres after the left turn from the Kangojodi 47 milestone on the Shimla-Nahan highway.

Camp Roxx at Kangojodi

Located in the heart of an untouched pine forest; surrounded by towering hills and deep valleys in a quaint locale of Himachal, Camp Roxx is a haven for anyone seeking a weekend abode in the lap of mother nature. Unlike the overdone conventional touristy locations, Camp Roxx is a welcome break away from the overcrowded and heavily commercialized hill stations. The property has 4 adorable canine creatures that will shower you with endless hugs and cuddles, the cute fluffy beings are said to be super friendly and they can also accompany you on your treks in the forest. The eco-friendly campsite has a rustic ambience and something to offer to everyone, be it an adrenaline rush from the myriad of adventure activities the camp hosts or just some quiet time and solitude.

Camp Roxx

Activities and Attractions at the Campsite

1. There is a natural spring water stream that flows along with the camp location, it is one of the main pulls of the camping experience at Camp Roxx. The river stream is set under the thick canopy of pine trees that go on for stretches, perfect for you to take a dip in and make a splash. The gushing river stream looks amazing against the backdrop of the valley and ridges, just the spot for you to take a pause and mull over life.

2. Bonfires are almost synonymous with camping, Camp Roxx hosts fun bonfires under the starry night skies; surrounded by earthy wooden fragrances that go on late into the night. Filled with music and dancing the bonfire is the perfect way to let go and bond with your friends and other campers at the campsite.

3. Stargazing at the campsite should be another must on your to-do list, spending time under the star-filled clear night skies regaling at the spectacular vision that lays above is a total treat for the eyes and the soul. Also, a great opportunity for all camera enthusiasts to film the perfect time-lapse of the night sky.

4. Trekking along the walking trails in the forest is another crowd favorite at Camp Roxx, with several directions and routes to explore and uncover; the possibilities are truly endless. With the forest being so widespread and expansive there are a plethora of hidden gems to be discovered within the woods just a short trek away from the campsite, wander around and find your own secret hideouts. The trekking trail also has a small pond along brimming with lotus blooms.

5. Bird watching is just another bonus that the trekking experience offers, the pine forest is said to have some rare indigenous bird species among its inhabitants. The striking birds are a major draw for wildlife photography enthusiasts or people who are just fond of aviary creatures.

6. The campsite also has an open-air theatre that plays movies, quite a different experience to the multiplexes that we have grown accustomed to. Enquire with the administrators and do not miss out on the chance to catch a flick under the moonlit sky and don't forget to gorge on popcorn.

Adventure Activities at Camp Rox

The campsite site has a myriad of adventure activities that will give you an adrenaline rush and something exhilarating to do at the campsite apart from relaxing and detoxing.

1. Flying Fox
This is a relatively smaller version of the zip-line and might be the closest you will come to flying, the feeling of being suspended mid-air as you make your way through the forest patch is surreal.

2. Burma Bridge
Make your way across a dangling bridge made entirely of rope and employ your balancing skills, tumble and fall and see who out of your squad made it across the fastest. This can be a fun challenge amongst your group and a great bonding experience.

3. Single Rope Walk
Balancing yourself and walking across a single suspended rope can be quite challenging but fun nonetheless. You might just surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

4. Monkey Bridge
Monkey bridge is like a pathway that is laid out with dangling wooden pedestals at short intervals, the whole walk is so fun and exciting.

5. Mowgli Walk
This is the same as monkey bridge, the only difference being that the wooden pedestals progress higher with each step, the climb upwards is challenging but the sense of achievement you experience is definitely worth the effort.

6. Skyfall
Skyfall is a climbing course made out of net, unlike the traditional hard surface climbing courses. Break a sweat and test your core strength.


The campsite serves amazing homestyle Himachali meals to all the visitors, the food has always garnered compliments from the campers.  The campsite includes the meals within the stay expenses which is great because the camp is at a secluded spot with no other eating establishments in the near vicinity. You can also carry some dry snacks along if you want something to munch on.


The camp has a cluster of tents and cabins spread across the property, the cabin and tents also have some variations among them to accommodate different group sizes and budgets. All the prices mentioned on a per person per night basis.


Cabin with attached washroom

Twin Sharing : INR 3500
Triple Sharing : INR 3200
Quad Sharing : INR 3000

Cabin with shared washroom

Twin Sharing : INR 3000
Triple Sharing : INR 2800
Quad Sharing : INR 2600


Alpine Tents with shared washroom

Twin Sharing : INR 2500
Triple Sharing : INR 2200

Alpine Tent, Camp Roxx

Dome Tents

Twin Sharing : INR 2200
Single Occupancy : INR 3500


Multi Sharing : INR 2000

Other Places to Visit

Renuka Lake

Renukaji in the Sirmaur district is around 40 kilometers from Kangojodi is a great play to relax, the lake is the largest in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Local legend says that once Sahasarjuna tried to abduct Renuka, wife of sage Jamadagini and mother of Parshuram; an incarnation of Lord Vishnu so Renuka jumped into the lake and the gods saved her and that is how the lake came to be known as Renuka lake. In keeping with the lore, the shape of the lake is also said to resemble the silhouette of a woman and an embodiment of Renuka. The lake is sourced from underground water springs and surrounded by picturesque hills and dense forest covers with an array of flora and fauna. The lake is an idyllic spot for picnics and relaxing with your family. 

Renuka Lake

The lake also has boating facility available , take a boat ride in the still lake and enjoy the cool breeze and the scenic ambience. The mountains are always a great place to detox and this little gem tucked away in the hills of Himachal is a pure delight for the soul.

Parshuram Tal and Renuka Temple

At the foot of the lake lies a small pool that is said to be an embodiment of Parshuram, son of Renuka and sage Jamadagini and a temple dedicated to Renuka. The temple has a math that houses an image of Renuka. The temple and pool are are to be symbolic of Parshuram spending an eternity at the feet of his mother Renuka. The temple was originally built in the 19th century by an invading Gurkha regiment overnight.

Renuka Temple

Renukaji Zoo

The wildlife park set up in in 1957 is said to be the oldest zoo in the state of Himachal Pradesh, the first animal to be brought into the zoo was a spotted deer named 'Moti'. The zoo later adopted abandoned and stray wild animals and formulated an open park. The pas has a wide diversity of animals within its premises, some of the most popular ones being Leopard, Samber, Jackal, Barking Deer, and Asiatic Lion among others. 

The forest department also has a lion safari in the wildlife reserve adjacent to the mini zoo. The safari is conducted in armored jeeps that take you through the forest course so that you may witness Asiatic Lions in their natural unperturbed habitat. The safari is a great way to explore the forest, you can also see the variety of indigenous aviary population that the reserve hosts.

Kangojodi is a great destination in the lap of nature, the hills will leave you feeling relaxed yet rejuvenated. The place is a welcome change from the stereotypical hill stations as we know them, the place is not brimming with tourists and allows you to do things at your own pace and accord. Also, lesser tourists have left the forests unperturbed, a total treat for all nature lovers.

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