Places To Visit In Muzaffarnagar

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Top Things to do in Muzaffarnagar

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1. Ganeshdham


27 km
from city center
1 out of 6
places to visit in Muzaffarnagar

Ganeshdham is a famous temple in Muzaffarnagar popular for the 35 feet high statue of Ganesha. With River Tripatha flowing on one side and Vat Vraksha on the other, it is often visited by locals for the peaceful atmosphere.

2. Vahelna


5 km
from city center
2 out of 6
places to visit in Muzaffarnagar

Vahelna is a small village situated 4 kms away from Muzaffarnagar which is famous for the Vahelna Jain Temple. The temple is a chief historical & religious place for Jains and is also known as Shri 1008 Parshvnath Digamber Jain Atishye Kshetra. The main attraction of the temple is the 31-ft high statue of Lord Parshvanatha.

3. Bhairon Ka Mandir

Bhairon Ka Mandir

3 out of 6
places to visit in Muzaffarnagar

Bhairon Ka Mandir is devout of Lord Bhairo, which is easily accessible with the help of any local transport. One of the prominent fascinations of this temple is the Ekadashi Shivlinga. Ekadash Shivlinga is a cluster of different Shivlingas; which has a distinctive to the Hindu devotees. This temple is placed in a very solitary place, peaceful, hustle and pollution free, hence making it the optimum place for spiritual awakening. This place is most crowded during the festivals with the Pandits chanting and singing bhajans every morning and evening. During the Shivratri, this place witnesses devotees from all over the country as well as from abroad. The best time to visit this temple is from November to February; with the best weather and atmosphere to seek awakening.

4. Akshay Vat Vatika

Akshay Vat Vatika

4 out of 6
places to visit in Muzaffarnagar

Akshay Vat Vatika in Muzaffarnagar is an enormous banyan tree which is 5100 years old, with its roots spreading all around and the height of the tree being 150 feet. It is understood that Sage Sukhdeva, sat under this particular tree and recited Puranas to the grandson of Arjun, King Parikshit for 7 days continously. Hence, this tree is seen as a symbol of sacredness, truth and forgiveness.

5. Sankirtan Bhawan

Sankirtan Bhawan

5 out of 6
places to visit in Muzaffarnagar

Sankirtan Bhawan in Muzaffarnagar is a temple devoted to Lord Tirupati Balaji, making it the only temple of Lord Balaji in Northern India. This temple is also known as Kirtan Bhawan as kirtan (religious hymns) is held here every day at dusk.

6. Zoology Museum

Zoology Museum

6 out of 6
places to visit in Muzaffarnagar

Established in 1970, the Zoology Museum in Muzaffarnagar is found on the premises of the Sanatan Dharma College. Hosting a variety of species galleries, including fossils and insects, the museum is a great educational tour. The insect gallery here is the biggest haunt. There is also have a library here.

FAQs on Muzaffarnagar

Can you suggest an itinerary for Muzaffarnagar?

The total area of the city is just 150 sq. km., hence it has a handful of places to visit. The attractions comprise of few temples and a few sightseeing. Few of the attractions can be masked in a single day as they are close by. The Tomb Of Gadla is situated far from the central city and hence will require an entire day to visit, explore and to travel to and fro. Furthermore, there are two important museums: Government Education Museum and Zoology Museum of Post Graduation Zoology department; with abundant possessions to fulfil young minds’ passion.

What are the top sightseeing places in Muzaffarnagar?

The top sightseeing places in Muzaffarnagar are Ganeshdham, Vahelna Jain Mandir, Bhairon Ka Mandir, Akshay Vat Vatika, Sankirtan Bhawan, Zoology Museum.
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