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Timings : Weekdays: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM 
Weekends: 24 hours

Time Required : 3-4 hours

Entry Fee : Weekdays: IDR 155,000I
Weekends and National Holidays: DR 205,000
A single ticket makes one eligible for all rides as well as a bottle of Yuzu tea

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Trans Studio Makassar, Makassar Overview

The Trans Studio is the third largest theme park across the world at the moment and is considered to the best entertainment spot in Indonesia at present. Located in the largest city of Makassar in Eastern Indonesia, it is a great place for relaxing with the family without experiencing the inconvenience of inclement weather as the entire entertainment area is located indoors.

Built over an area 12.7 hectares, the giant building houses the entire indoor park spread over four distinct zones. People looking for a modern form of entertainment are thrilled to discover 22 different rides of uniquely varied themes at the park. Trans Studio Makassar happens to be part of the Trans Studio World project that includes the Trans Hotel and a residential area along with Trans Walk & Rodeo Drive.

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Trans Studio Zones

The entire indoor park is divided into four distinct zones showcasing a different theme.

1. Studio Central: Entering this zone transports one to Hollywood of 1960s. It is possible to find Elvis Presley belting out his songs with the pretty Marlyn Monroe looking on and Michael Jackson dancing away. However, the kids are entranced by the House of Fun rides and shriek with laughter when inside the Mirror Mazes. The serious boys check out the Science Centers while the young kids have fun with Hollywood Bumper Cars and riding the gigantic Ferris Wheel. The entire family can catch a 4D movie or check out the latest flicks at the Trans City Theater.

2. Lost City: An adventurous journey through the make believe city in the jungle is exciting for both the kids and adults alike. The tribal area can be traversed by means of the jungle express while the safari track and Bolang's house are areas seem to make it realistic. The giant swing elicits a thunderous applause by the young kids who are reluctant to go anywhere else.

3. Cartoon City: This is a paradise for kids who happen to remain glued to cartoon channels when at home. This zone seems to an extension of home for them as they are bound to come face to face with Monty, Ray, Otan, Monika, Jago, Kenny and Pak Boris. They can also avail of a host of fun filled rides namely Yun Ombak, Bumper Car Kids, Angin Beliung, and Karosel. The Kids Studio is fascinating to the young children who can give be as creative as they want here.

4. Magic Corner: All things magical beckon the visitors who set foot in this zone. It is a magical place with the children loving the Dragon Tower, Lightning Play, Magic Thunder Coaster rides as well as the Other World (Dunia Lain), a house of ghosts.

Rides at Trans Studio Makassar

The park offers 22 different rides and many exciting activities for the visitors who can spend the entire day here without getting bored. The most popular rides have been inspired or adopted from Universal Studios & Disney Land, USA. The others are adaptation of shows telecast on TransTV and Trans7.

The hot favorite rides at the park include:- Hollywood Bumper Car Dunia Lain (other world or haunted house) Rimba Express Jelajah Si Bolang Dragon's Tower Magic Thunder Coaster Safari Track carousel Balloon House Kano Kali (river canoe) Putar Petir Ayun Ombak Mini Boom Boom Car Angin Beliung Sepeda Terbang (Flying Bicycle)

Food and Dining

There are eateries and coffee shops in each zone with Baskin Robbins & Snack being the most popular by far. The adults can relax over cup of coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Studio Central zone while those eager to have a meal chose Studio Mie where a meal for two is priced at INR 60,000.

How to Reach Trans Studio Makassar

The Trans Studio is located in the thriving business area and independent city of Tanjung Bunga, within easy reach of downtown Makassar, and can be reached on foot from the upper and middle class residential areas or hotels in Tanjung Bunga. However, most of the tourists prefer to use the metered taxis that can be booked by the hotels. Visitors on a budget often choose to a spot of sightseeing at Makassar by taking Bus No. 104 plying between Georgetown and Tanjung Bunga.


1. It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing when one intends to spend an entire day at the park
2. Carrying a change for babies and toddlers is advisable as there are changing rooms available within the park
3. Weekends and national holidays are best avoided as it becomes extremely crowded inside

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