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Kayangan Lake, Makassar Overview

Kayangan Lake in the Philippines is one of the two lakes located in Coron island of Makassar open for public. Geographically, it is situated in the northern end of the Palawan Islands which is towards the southwest of Philippines. Swimming, diving, raft rides, cave visits, and viewpoints should be on your itinerary when you visit Kayangan Lake.

The Kayangan Lake such a spectacular site that it has now been one of the busiest destinations in the entire Calamianes Islands. You will only realize the lake’s undeniable beauty once you jump into the clear and refreshing water. Do remember to take your camera as it one among the best-photographed places you will come across.

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Things to Do at Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake is utterly beautiful, but it also hosts a considerable crowd of people. Hence, to do any activity, you need to face a big group before you get your chance. Here is a list of what all you can do in Kayangan Lake:

Kayangan Lake Viewpoint: This is the original purpose of people visiting this place. And interestingly, most of the visitors do not know that the famous viewpoint is not overlooking the lake. It is instead overlooking the Coron Bay which is between Coron Island and Busuanga Island. The view from the top of the steep stairs is magnificent, and the turquoise colored water adds to the beauty. Know that there can be a queue at this place during peak times; hence, it is better to come early morning.

Diving: Kayangan Lake is one of the most favorite free dive spots for several adventure enthusiasts. This lake has both salt and fresh water, and the diving experience will introduce you to the beautiful marine world inside the clear waters. What is unique to this diving experience are the different layers of salt and the fresh water of the Lake. Note that in the parts of clean water, you need to be exceptionally honed in swimming as returning to the surface is difficult in fresh water than the salt water.

Kayangan Lake

Explore Awuyuk Kayangan Cave: This cave is situated to the left of the Kayangan Lake. Though a short adventure, the cave journey can be pretty exciting and the best if done in the presence of a guide. You will need to swim for 10 meters, and then you will find things below and above the surface.

Raft Rides: This option is another of the most preferred choice by the visitors. You can hire a bamboo raft from the boarding places of the boats along with a guide to help you explore the lake in a better way.

Boating: Your visit to Kayangan Lake will start on a boat, and it is one of the most mesmerizing boat trips you will ever have. The island is made of different shapes and sizes of limestone rocks, and that is what makes the place so photogenic. After reaching the Kayangan dock area, you will find houses on stilts, and then you can start climbing the steep walkway.

Hiking: Hiking is only allowed in the daytime because going up and down the stairs in the dark is quite risky. Also, there are no lampposts; hence, if you miss a step, it can lead to a fatalistic result. The climb is about 75 meters and usually takes half an hour to climb it.

Kayangan Lake

Best Time to Visit

The high season to visit Kayangan lake is between November and April. This place is known to attract a vast crowd, hence, to avoid long queues people also visit it during the off-season. However, those months can also be accompanied by typhoons and heavy rain. Visiting it during the highs season can guarantee excellent conditions to enjoy all the activities.



1. Try visiting the place early in the morning so that you do not encounter a huge crowd and also cover as many activities as possible.
2. Carry required footwear as you will be hiking, swimming, and walking on the slippery surface in one day.

How To Reach Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake is situated in the Coron Island of Philippines. Most tourists stay in Coron Town which is actually on Busuanga Island. Reaching Kayangan Lake from Coron town is quite easy and quick if traveling by a boat.

You can travel by the local Bangka Boat which will take 20 minutes from Coron Town harbor. There are quite a few tour options available, and they vary in price. You can either rent a private boat or opt for a full-day trip on a boat. You can pick up any service according to your affordability. The service charges range between 1,030 PHP (INR 1,395) to 3,100 PHP (INR 4,185).

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