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Mandleshwar, Maheshwar Overview

A town of temples situated on the bank of the Narmada River, Mandleshwar has been mentioned in the Hindu epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata as a splendid city also known as Mahishmati. It was the capital of southern Avanti during the rule of King Kartavirya Arjun. This town which is situated in quiet beauty is well-known for its temples, fort complex and bathing ghats. Located in the Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh, the sarees of this town are famous for their floral designs throughout the country. The temples and fort of Mandleshwar have a remarkable charm to it due to the grandeur of its wonderful architecture.

Mandleshwar was the name given to the city which means the home of Lord Shiva. Earlier, the city was known as Mahishmati which was later changed to Mandleshwar. Tourism and religion have a lot of importance in and around Mandleshwar due to the presence of ancient temples known as Bawangaja, Shiv Jyotirlinga Mandleshwar and Mandav. A lot of Bollywood, as well as Tamil movies including Ashoka and Tulsi too, have been shot here thereby making the city famous amongst tourists. It is an amazing place to be visited by a lot of foreign nationals as well having interest in the art and spiritual values of India. Mandleshwar is a must-visit for all the tourists out there if you are a planning a trip to Madhya Pradesh due to its history and tourist places.

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History Of Mandleshwar

King Mahishman belonging to the Som dynasty founded the city of Mandleshwar. The historical facts of this place, which is also believed to be the place where different battles were fought during Ramayana and Mahabharata, are mentioned in the various scriptures and Ballads. The town is built in the place of Shastrajun Kshatriya's old city. Mahishmati was also the capital city of the southern kingdom of Avanti. It was also a well-known centre for the various religious, administrative, cultural and literary activities. There is also a fort in Maheshwar which was built during the rule of King Akbar.

Peshawar replaced the Mughals, and in 1767, Queen Ahilyabai made Maheshwar her capital city. She ruled till 1767 after which she was defeated by the British after which the capital was moved to Indore. Now, Maheshwar has become a pilgrimage centre, and tourists from all across the globe come here to get an experience of the Maheshwar Fort which is situated over the Narmada River surrounded by a variety of temples and the scenic Ghats.

Places To Visit In and Around Mandleshwar

Maheshwar Fort
This fort was built in the 16th century and is known for its marvellous architecture and amazing view from the Narmada River. Situated on the bank of the river, one can get the best view of the river from here while boating during sunrise and sunset. This place was constructed by Ahalya Bai Holkar who was a queen and who also resided here.

Ek Mukti Dutta Temple
Also known as the Shiva Datta Dham and one of the newest constructions in Sahastradhara, this beautiful temple covers an area of 30 acres with a temple area of 10000 square feet.

Sahastrarjun Temple
Also known as Sri Somavamsha Sahasrarjuna temple, the original temple was constructed in the 2nd century but was later destroyed during the Muslim attacks. It was rebuilt in the 13th century later on. It is also commonly referred to as Sah-Bahu temple.

Rajrajeshwari Temple
Rajrajeshwari Temple is one of the many Lord Shiva temples in Maheshwar. This temple has eleven Akhand Jyoti Deepak and is well-known for its exquisite architecture and sculpture work on the structure. This temple is also situated close to the Ahilyeshwara temple.

Baneshwar Mahadev Temple
This small temple is situated on an island at the Narmada River. A boat ride can be availed to reach the temple. It is said that a heavenly line passes from North-star through this temple to the centre of the Earth. This single-celled shrine situated on the top of rock was constructed by Anand Raj Parmar in the 5th century.

Royal Ghats
Krishnabai, the daughter-in-law of Ahilyabai Holkar wished to make her monument impressive which is why she had a special interest in constructing these royal ghats. These beautiful ghats can be seen in most of the pictures taken by the tourists while taking a boat ride in the Narmada River.

Best Time To Visit Mandleshwar

Although Mandleshwar can be visited all through the year, the ideal time is from October to mid-March since the water level of the Narmada River is normal at this time. From March to June, the temperature becomes a little unpleasant. The place can be visited from February to March since the main festival of Lord Shiva is celebrated here with full spirits.

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