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City Shopping, Madikeri Overview

Shopping in Madikeri is an enticing experience in more ways than one. It is one of the top attractions of the city which is sure to take up most of your time. The area is famous for its aromatic coffee, spices, and honey. Another interesting souvenir to take back are the local varieties of the machete.

Madikeri has a variety of markets to shop for the local specialties. Kushal Nagar Market is a famous market area of Madikeri, and you can also buy authentic Tibetan artifacts from a nearby shopping center. Other things sold here include sandalwood oil, homemade wine, timber carvings, and silk saris.

Friday Market is the most famous shopping area which, as the name suggests, is open only on Fridays and hence, attracts a huge crowd. Pepper, nutmeg, cardamom and star anise, coffee products and local fresh fruits are sold in this market at nominal rates. It is the place to buy ethnic jewelry. The market is so famous in the region that locals, as well as tourists, wait for the whole week for this market to be set and since most of the items here are made by local tribals, they have a unique style.

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Spices in Madikeri

Signature spices like pepper, mint, cardamom, sage, cumin, basil, garlic, thyme, bay leaves, and rosemary are found here in bulk. As you stroll through the market, you will come across different pepper and other spice plantations. Madikeri is dotted with shops selling spices.These local stores usually sell spices in small white boxes and glass jars. All of the spices are grown in the same places, so quality is consistent, and they’re all inexpensive.

Coffee in Madikeri

Coffee should be the most important thing on your shopping list while in Madikeri. You are in the coffee country, and you just can't leave the place without carrying a few packets of the delicious brew. Coorg is the largest producer of coffee in the country. As one moves around within the city, the olfactory senses are pleasingly worked over by the heady aroma of strong coffee. There are scores of coffee shops in Madikeri.

Other Delectable Items to shop for in Madikeri

Top off your coffee with locally sourced honey. The region was known as the honey bowl of India till 1994, and that's reason enough to make some space for a few bottles of sweet honey produced here. Coorg honey is considered to be the best as it is rich in taste, flavor, and quality. Home made chocolates are also quite a hit among shoppers. With a well known martial history, the region is famous for Madikeri Knives which are unique to the area and are large and elaborately decorated.

Tips For Visiting City Shopping

1. If you are buying from the local shops, then check the quality and do not forget to bargain.

2. It is advisable to look for Coorg Ag-Mark Honey that assures the quality of the product and beware of the vendors who try to sell low-quality honey at extravagant prices.

How To Reach City Shopping

Engage a taxi service or rent a car or two wheelers to move around.

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