Taman Bandar, Kuantan Overview

The beautiful recreational park, Taman Bandar is situated in the Bandar Inder Mahkota in Kuantan. The garden provides a mesmerising lake view along with housing proper jogging pathways and exercising areas.

Situated in front of the Kuantan Immigration Office, the best time to visit is before 6:30 PM for experiencing good scenic beauty. After a hectic session of burning calories, indulge in activities like feeding fishes in the lake or grab some snacks from the nearby local restaurants. Taking part in running competitions and events that are organised there on a daily basis is another attraction at Taman Bandar.

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How to Reach Taman Bandar

A taxi can be hired which will take about 20 minutes from the centre of Kuantan city via Jalan Pintasan Kuantan. You can also travel by public transport from Gerai by PJ05 taking about 100 minutes, T780 from Nasi Lemak taking 92 minutes and from Tealive taking 91 minutes. From the city subway, it is just a 71 minutes’ drive by PJ05 or 506 bus.

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