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Gua Charas, Kuantan Overview

The Gua Charas is a limestone cave that was formed millions and millions of years ago, and holds great religious importance for Hindu as well as Buddhist devotees. This temple cave is located inside a limestone hill known as Bukit Charas, and is located around 25 kilometers to the northwest of Kuantan in Pahang.

The 400 million-year-old granite and limestone massif reaches 355 meters in height, and is dotted with the symbols and statues of the devotees. Inside the temple cave, you will come across an idol of the Sleeping Buddha, as well as the Jala Lingam, which represents the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva.

The unique backdrop and natural setting of Gua Charas make it a must-visit place, not just for religious purposes, but to also explore this naturally existing marvel. Other than the main temple cave, you can explore some other open-sided caves as well, which are located further up on the mountain.

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Exploring Gua Charas

  • After parking the vehicle, embark on a journey to climb up till the mouth of the caves. Take the stairs that lead up to the cave, and admire the pure air and sceneries along the way. 
  • Naturally, the insides of the cave are untidy and the walls are of a greenish hue because of the moss. 
  • After climbing the first 100 cemented steps or so, reach the lower cave. Inside one of these caves is the famous statue of the reclining or sleeping Buddha. The cave is lighted up beautifully, and other than the statue, there are some notable rock formations in the cave. These include formations that resemble the goddess Kwan Yin, a fish, a nostril, a royal tombstone, an elephant and a combing princess. 
  • Further ahead, there are various other caves with openings. Inside one of these caves are some Hindu priests washing an altar and a black pillar which is known as Jala Lingam, and represents Lord Shiva. From such a great height, get a bird’s eye view of the plain and the nearby town of Kuantan. 
  • One of the cave walls also features some graffiti that is around forty-seven years old. Interestingly, this graffiti is considered to be more of heritage than vandalism, given that it has existed for such a long time now!

How to Reach Gua Charas

The temple cave is located on the main road that leads from Kuantan to Sungai Lembing, and is quite easily accessible. Take the road that leads to the entrance of the Chinese Temple and then move further ahead on this 4 kilometer long road to reach the temple. 

Need to Know

  • The odour of the bats' droppings can be quite overwhelming, thus people will similar allergies should refrain from visiting Gua Charas. Additionally, all visitors should be free from any allergy related to limestone also. 
  • Heart patients and claustrophobic people should indulge in only limited activities at the cave. 

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