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Timings : 5:30 AM – 12:30 PM and 4:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Pooja Timings : 7:00 PM

Entry Fee : Free

Time Required : 1-2 hours

Parking : Street parking facility available

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Sri Shakti Temple, Kuala Selangor Overview

Sri Shakti Temple, popularly known as Sri Shakti Devasthanam is a magnificent Hindu Temple established in the serenity of Bukit Rotan village of Kuala Selangor. The only temple in the world with 51 Shakti illustrations crafted all over an acre of land, Sri Shakti Temple is a perfect epitome of Indian architecture or Hindu Sirpa Sastras.

The temple is strictly built keeping all the Hindu scriptures in mind, like Vedas and Agamas with exceptionally used sculptural technique, Thundu Pattirippu Pathroba Pathram. The entrance is as high as 18 feet chiseled with lions, elephants, and other intricate sculptures and designs. The 5 storeyed temple is crafted on 96 pillars which depicts the 96 Hinduism principles. The main deity of Maa Shakti along with her 51 avatars is placed in the main hall, architecture with different shlokas of Hindu religion, and a massive brass bell in between. Dive in the world of Hindu spiritualism offering prayers and flowers in the feet of various deities in the temple including Navgraha, Lord Ganesha and other Hindu Gods. Don't miss taking the prasadam served every day in the hall of the temple before departing from the temple hall towards its landscaped garden.

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Architecture and Structure of Sri Shakti Temple

  • Inspired by traditional Indian sculptures, Sri Shakti Temple is known for its intricate carvings and sophisticated design.
  • The main highlight of the temple is sanctum sanctorum constructed in 8 different phases. The sanctum sanctorum of the wall is decorated with 64 Sri Chakras and 64 navratanas. Apart from this, four pillars depicting four Vedas of the Hindu religion are embedded inside the sanctum sanctorum.
  • The entrance of the temple is through a tower known as Raja Gopuram which is 80 feet tall beautifully crafted with elephant and lion motifs.
  • There are a total of 96 pillars adorning the structure of the temple. All the towers depict 96 rules of Hindu philosophy. Apart from this, there are 24 pillars with Gayatri Mantra embedded on it and 6 pillars over Lord Nadarajah for representing 6 major Hindu Shastra.
  • Sculptures of 51 Shakti Peeth are kept in the Gayatri Mandapam or the main hall of the temple which is carved with 70,000,000 Sanskrit shlokas.
  • Lotus flower shaped shrines act as a pedestal to Navagraha deities and the main deity or statue is installed with gold stitch or Swaranbandhanam. A brass bell of 150 kg and 4 other bells made of brass, silver, copper, and granite are installed at a height of 15 feet. 
  • The temple is encircled with a lush green beautiful garden where one can spot some herbs and traditional trees.

Statues and Deities Inside the Temple

The prime deity inside the Sri Shakti Temple is Maa Shakti in her 51 different avatars. Apart from that, there is a beautiful statue of Lord Ganesha with Maa Lakshmi and Lord Muruga. There are sculptures of Maa Durga, Maa Laxmi, Maa Saraswati and Maa Sivagami with lord Nadarajah. Navgrahas or deities of different planets with the statue of sun god can also be spotted inside the temple premises.

How to Reach Sri Shakti Temple

Bus: Bus line 100 connects Bandar Baru, Masjid Jamek and Tesco bus stations of Kuala Selangor from Sri Shakti Temple via bus number 100. The nearest bus station from the temple is Masjid Bukit Rotan, just 112 metres away.   

Taxi: Take a taxi or private cab from Kuala Selangor via Jalan Teluk Piah Kanan highway or W coast expressway for 18 minutes ride towards Sri Shakti Temple.

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