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Q. Where should I stay during my visit to Jaldapara? Are there any home stays?

Rajat Jain

3 years ago
While homestays are not actively available in Jaldapara, you should look at staying in the Jaldapara Tourist Lodge

Q. If I visit the park at the last week of may, will the conditions favourable?


3 years ago
May is a favourable time to visit the Jaldapara National Park, with the temperature being quite moderate, though it can get slightly hot. Be sure to avoid the monsoon season as the park will be close (Read More)d during this time. For more information on visiting the Jaldapara National Park, please refer to the following link: https://www.holidify.com/places/jaldapara-wildlife-sanctuary/best-time-to-visit.html

Q. Can you please tell me which animals are there in detail.


3 years ago
Jaldapara National Park is home to almost 240 species of birds, 20 species of mammals and various species of reptiles and fishes. This includes the Asiatic one-horned Rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tigers, (Read More) elephants, deers, sambhar, barking deer, spotted deer, hog deer, wild pig, bisons, swamp deers, pythons, monitor lizards, kraits, cobras, geckos, freshwater turtles, hispid hares and the hog-badger. Some of the birds you will see here are Crested Eagles, Pallas?s Fishing Eagles, shikras, Jungle fowls, peafowls, partridges, Bengal Floricans and lesser Pied Hornbills.

Q. How much cost will be needed for elephant safari for 8 people?


3 years ago
The elephant safari costs INR 150 per person, provided you are all Indians. Each elephant has a capacity of four people. So it will cost INR 1200 for 8 people, provided there are enough elephants as (Read More)the number of elephants available for the safari is limited to 6.

Q. How much time will it take to explore the park by elephant safari?

Nehad Zein

3 years ago
A single safari trip usually lasts for an hour. However, the day safari lasts from 9 am-2 pm.
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Kumar Kislay

3 years ago
- Please do not use fire as much as possible. Don't take pets to this wildlife sanctuary as they might create noise and disturb wildlife while putting themselves in danger. Alcohol is prohibited, so (Read More)please stay sober.

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