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The Hua Hin beach is located in the small town of Hua Hin in Bangkok. The name ‘Hua Hin’ originates from the words ‘stone head’ which is so due to the large rock formations that are visible from the beach and are located right at the end. The mesmerising beach itself is a 4 kilometre long white sand paradise with the entire view of the gulf of Thailand. Located close to the town centre on one side and Khao Tokiap on the other, Hua Hin Beach is not only easily accessible but also extremely lively at all times of the day.

The beach by no means gets too crowded because in the end, it is located in a town which is not as famous as other places in Thailand like Phuket and Pataya. The Hua Hin Beach has its own beauty that is worth witnessing, especially since it has similar activities but with less of the crowd.

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Hua Hin Beach Activities

Water Sports

Individuals who visit Hua Hin beach can take part in all the staple beach activities that you will found all around Thailand like, water skiing, banana boat, jet skiing, and parasailing. The water on this beach is also shallow and safe from rip currents, making it perfect for a swim.


Hua Hin Beach
People relaxing at Hua Hin Beach

You can also rent deck chairs and umbrellas and settle in the soft sand or stroll the strip and take in the serene yet lively atmosphere. An advantage that the beach has is the fact that during the high tide (almost every four days) every other beach in Hua Hin is covered by the waves with no sand strip, but not Hua Hin beach. The rock formations and strategic, advantageous placement of the beach always leaves a strip of sand to walk on, even during the high tide. A bonus is an absolutely breathtaking sunrise that you can witness from the beach side as Hua Hin beach faces the east directly.

Kite Surfing

Especially famous activities that individuals should definitely partake in are kite- surfing. The flat shallow water and compatible winds form the perfect weather conditions required for this sport. Three day courses are offered too for those who wish to learn or need help starting out.

Horse Riding

Hua Hin Beach
Horse Riding at Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin Beach is one of the extremely rare beaches in Thailand where you can make your dream to ride astride a horse or pony on the soft white sand come true.


If you feel especially self-indulgent you can always check yourselves in for a massage at any of the stalls right next to the beach, maybe even on the beach.

Shacks and Restaurants at Hua Hin Beach

If you wish to take a little rest from all the fun activities and festivities on Hua Hin beach you can always wait by at one of the many restaurants, shacks and cafes. There is much to do on this beach including shopping and eating. The beach has many massage parlours, shacks serving water bottles, ice creams and juices (both being essentials for the heat of Thailand), freshly cut fruits, and light snacks.

Hua Hin Beach
Beach Shacks at Hua Hin Beach

Aside from this many cafes and restaurants line the beachfront along with hotels that have restaurants and cafes of their own. Food includes the traditional Thai cuisine, as well as international food items, that are universally loved. Aside from this, if you wish to go on a shopping spree, you can always indulge yourself by buying toys or clothes from the stores and shacks as well as beach essentials that are artfully displayed.

Best Time to Visit

While the winter season which includes the months from November to April are considered peak seasons for visiting Thailand and in turn Hua Hin, this time of the year can get quite crowded. If you are looking for a quiet day on the Hua Hin beach with no disturbance, the summer months of May to October are your best bet. Furthermore, during the summer season, Thailand may face heavy rain showers, but Hua Hin is saved from these due to the mountains on the west of the town. Due to this the town is a safe respite that gives you sunny, beach vibes all year round.


1. Showers and bathrooms are not available on Hua Hin beach
2. Due to the abundance of hotels and guesthouses lining the beach, there is no adequate amount of shade. However, individuals can always rent an umbrella from one of the many shacks
3. The waters at Hua Hin beach are not ideal for snorkelling or fishing due to very low visibility as the sea bed is mostly sandy
4. The best time to kitesurf at Hua Hin beach or even the town is from November to February

How to Reach Hua Hin Beach

You can take a train from Bangkok to Hua Hin which takes approximately 4 hours and is the most efficient system. The train station at Hua Hin is located right at the centre of the town. From the train, Hua Hin Beach is at a distance of 1.2 kilometres which takes approximately 8 minutes to cover.

You can also opt for taking a bus from Bankok's Southern Bus Terminal to Srasong Road in Hua Hin. Buses take approximately 3 hours to cover the distance from Bangkok to Hua Hin.

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