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Banjhakri Falls, Gangtok Overview

A new sightseeing destination for the tourists and spread over an area of two acres of land, the Banjhakri Falls is situated at a distance of 10-12 kilometres from Gangtok on the way to Ranka monastery. The waterfall which falls from a rocky height of about 40 feet and cascades down with a lot of force is the main attraction of the Energy Park present here. Beautifully landscaped gardens abound the waterfall along with beautiful statues of Lyam Lymay, Mangpas, Lepcha, and Ban Jhakri ancestors. The entrance of the park also comprises of several recreational activities and refreshment stalls. In addition to several resting places, there is a swimming pool present for the visitors as well.

The name Banjhakri is composed of two words- 'Ban' meaning forest or jungle and 'Jhakri' meaning traditional healer. According to mythological tales, a Ban Jhakri is a man who possesses some powers and exists in folktales in the Nepali Community of Sikkim. It is the belief of the local people according to which a Banjhakri resides in the forest and lives in the rock caves where he worships the spirits. All the ethnic communities which are present believe in these mysteries even today since they form a part of their culture and tradition.

You will come across numerous ethnic sculptures along with figurines showcasing the Jhakri culture throughout the Banjhakri Energy Park. The figurines present in the park depicts various rituals, healing ceremonies, and the induction process followed in the life of a Shaman. Banjhakri Falls is a beautiful and relaxing stop while exploring the beautiful city of Gangtok. With the beautiful surroundings and lush environs, the place will definitely help you break away from the fast moving life of the city and unwind.

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Legend of Banjhakri Falls

According to the Nepali folklore, the first Shaman or Jhakri possessed all the power of taking over all the evil spirits from the Gods. He also needed to identify the right boys and teach them the technique in his forest cave secretly. After the boys were trained, they also became Jhakris who had the power to cure those affected by evil spirits. According to the folklore, on the one hand, the male Jhakris always protected the human beings and on the other hand, their wives, also known as the Jhakrinis, were the evil spirits who would eat up the human beings. 

Best Time To Visit Banjhakri Falls

The perfect time to visit the Banjhakri falls is from October and February after the end of the monsoon season since the climate is pleasant during this time and enjoyable too.

How To Reach Banjhakri Falls

There many routes to reach the Banjhakri Falls from Gangtok. However, since roads leading up to the waterfall are not smooth, a bigger vehicle is recommended to be taken to the spot. You can either take your private vehicle or hire a taxi for the same.

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