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Go through the history of the world renowned electronics company with this interactive and brilliantly made museum.

Back when Gerard Philips founded Philips & Co. in 1891, he probably didn't imagine that his company would become such a big powerhouse of the field in the world stage. Today, where he manufactured his first incandescent light bulb stands the brilliant Philips Museum. The inventive spirit of the company has carried on ever since its inception, and is on display in the museum. You will see how through the times how Philips has always remained an influential company, like the unique Moonshaver. The company invented a razor that could work in outer space, built in with a vacuum cleaner to ensure the shaved hair doesn't flow off! Though it's best attraction has to be Mission Eureka, a quiz and puzzle game based on science and the company. Visitors can challenge each other to a round that lasts about an hour. Visit the museum to get an all inclusive educational tour of the huge company that Philips is.

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