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New Zealand’s first botanic garden that holds the title of six stars Garden of International Significance, Dunedin Botanic Garden is also affiliated as a tier-three Botanic Garden by the ArbNe, a global network for flora oriented professionals. Having completed over 150 years, this garden is one of the central attractions for the tourists as well as locals of Dunedin.

Occupying an area of 30 hectares, at an altitude of 25-85 meters above sea level, the garden makes it special with its spectacular views looking over the hills and sunbathed lawns and over 7000 plants perching on its local, indigenous soil, all curated impeccably. There are also traces of the local fauna and birdlife like bellbirds, wood pigeons and Tui. The botanical collection includes a wide range of roses, herbaceous strings, a rock garden, rhododendrons and a thick thread of New Zealand’s native shrubbery.

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Dunedin Botanic Gardens
Dunedin Botanic Gardens

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Opening Hours

The Garden is open every day, from dawn to dusk for the visitors. The opening and closing hours as follows:

The Information Centre and Shop
Open - 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Closed - Christmas Day and Good Friday

The Winter Garden Glasshouse
Open - 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

The Alpine House
Open - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Croque-O-Dile Cafe
Open – 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Closed - Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day


It is the oldest botanical garden of New Zealand and was established in the year 1863 on a site that primarily surrounded a water body called the Water of Leith that in current times is the University of Otago. The garden was located adjacently after the heavy floods of 1868 to the current site.

The garden underwent extensive development and renovation under the surveillance of David Tannock. It also is central to the famous Dunedin Town Belt, a green belt running right through the heart of the town.

In July 2010, Dunedin Botanic garden along with four other gardens from the nation was affiliated as the significant gardens to bring about considerable conservation in the local fauna of New Zealand. The garden stretches for about 28 hectares in the area which is approximately 69 acres.

Things to Do

KILLER PLANTS- A carnivorous range of plants that is remarkable for its adaptations in extremely arid areas such as acidic bogs. These plants are supreme; ly unique for its survival tactics. The evolution is in the form of rapid leaf movements, trapping mechanisms, luring insects. You are also to come across the plants you read about in your high school textbooks like Venus Flytrap with its sharp teeth like leaves stemming out from the branches.

DUNEDIN VOLCANO TRAIL- It is a conducive spot to see the three phases of the volcano up so close. It is a visual representation of volcanoes and how they happen to develop and finally erupt over the course million years. You have kids with you, you should visit the place for it is informative and graphically so.

BIRDS OF THE GARDEN- The authorities are rigid and strict about the decibel level in this area for anything higher than the permitted level tends to simulate disturbance for the birds that reside in here. There is also a prohibition against feeding them since they have a designated diet by the garden itself.

The aviary is situated on the upper garden, the sunnier side which is where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the hills while sunbathing in the perfectly curated lawns. 

STRUCTURES AND STATUES IN THE GARDEN- The garden also boasts a wide range of statues and structures inside a wing that is specially dedicated to sculpting. 

CORPSE PLANT- Known for its obnoxious smell and its sizeable private parts that are of some 3 meters in length. The time of flowering is indefinite. You can go to see the flower, there will be guides to brief you through its eccentricities.

TREE TRAIL- the Upper and Lower garden are intricately attached by a thin trail of about 50-60 trees with each having a unique story to tell. There are several decades old and was once used by the Acclimatisation Society in 1975.

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK- A great picnic spot right inside the semi-wild shrubbery and plain. You have the winds, the sun, the spectacular view of the hills right alongside. You may even a favorite plant of your own by which you can take your group and sit by and relax.

How To Reach Dunedin Botanic Gardens

You can avail of any public mode of transportation to reach the place, the commutation is easy since there are plenty of buses and cabs available from the city junctions.

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