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Q. Which is the nearest railway station to Holong Forest Bungalow?

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Q. What are the main attractions or scenic spot of west doors?

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Q. What is the route map for Dooars from new Alipurduar?

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Q. How much it will cost for reserve car fair from Mal Bazar to Gorumara reserve forest and Champamari forest?

Rudratandav N 1 year ago
The rates for private vehicles may vary around INR 3000 for a single round trip.

Q. What kind of food does the local cuisine generally comprise of? Also, is it very spicy?

Pallavi Siddhanta 2 years ago
Nope. Cuisine in West Bengal mostly comprises mild spices cooked over a low flame. Hence, food is pretty less spicy. Watch out for great quality fish and meat, cooked flavourfully.

Q. Would it be possible to travel by OWN ( Private) ALTO Maruti Car?

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Brahmani Keni 2 years ago
Trip to Dooars can be single or clubbed with Bhutan trip. Dooars form a gateway to the hill stations of North Bengal and Bhutan. Its is ideal visit for any nature enthusiast and adventure seekers. Few famous places to visit are Buxa Tiger Reserve, Neora Valley National park, Samsing and Gorumara National park.
Shreyas Kapoor 2 years ago
- A trip to Dooars can be planned along with Bhutan or it can be clubbed with Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar and Siliguri. Special trains connecting all three towns are run during winters by the state government. Mostly, most forests are shut during monsoons, tourists therefore prefer not visiting the town during that phase.
Kunal Barui 2 years ago watch this video to experience the whole trekking trip of heaven of dooars also known as lepchakha .Lepchakha is a small Drukpa village on a hilltop inside the Buxa Tiger reserve. The village is located close to Bhutan, the areal distance not being more than 2 to 3 km. There is a border outpost of the security agencies here. The village has a very small population of about a hundred people. The main attraction of Lepchakha is the view from the hilltop. There is a large ground where you can seat on a bench and be mesmerized by the view of Dooars in front. Almost the entire Buxa forest area is visible from here including every nook and corner. As many as seven rivers flowing through the Buxa forest can be seen from here. To your extreme left, you can see river Sankosh followed by River Raidak, Jayanti, Bala, and others. You can see Alipurduar town, Jayanti riverbed, Santalabari and the entire green cover in front of you. Turn around and behind you are the hills of Mahakal, Chuna bhatti and Rovers point which together makes for a great trek.

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