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A unique experience of the coastal Saurashtra region is the presence of the Hoka Palm trees. As one drives towards and around Diu, the large population of these trees is sure to astonish travellers as these are native to the northern half of Africa and regions of the Arabian Peninsula, commonly called as 'Doum Palm' trees. Diu is ts the only region in India where these trees are found, amplifying the natural beauty of this coastal territory.

The Hoka trees are unique in their structure, with branches and offshoots emanating from their central trunk. They are most commonly found in desert areas around the oases. The Hoka seed is a beautiful red-oval structure, which resembles a cricket ball, that hangs high up of the palm-like structure of the trees. These fruits were used by Ancient Egyptians during funeral rituals. It is highly edible, with parts of its contents used in different areas while cooking by the inhabitants of Diu and Saurashtra, as well as other locals in parts of the world where they are found. The local 'Tadi' is prepared using Hoka seeds.

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