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Beaches in Diu

With a coastal length of 21 kms, the beaches of Diu are absolutely quaint and beautiful. Boasting of rich flora, fauna and wildlife; the highlight of the island are the palm-fringed shorelines, clear indigo waters, lengthy coastlines and golden sandy beaches in Diu. The tiny island is blessed with gorgeous and relaxing ambience comprising mostly of the sun, sand and sea. The pristine beaches in Diu are ideal for a laid-back leisure vacation amidst peaceful ambience and ataraxy. Another great thing about Diu is that alcohol is served legally so, besides the tourists, it is also a favourite among the next door Gujratis. Check out the top beaches in Diu and head out now!

Here is the list of 7 Beaches in Diu for a Laid-back Beachside Vacation

1. Nagoa Beach - One of the Most Popular Diu Beaches

Nagoa Beach - One of the Most Popular Diu Beaches
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Famous for its pristine beauty and swaying palm trees, Nagoa Beach in Diu is an ideal and a recommended place for tourists all over the world. The place is well connected with the resorts, hence making it easy for travellers to relax and explore its beauty at the same time. Surrounded by beautiful palm trees swaying in the cool breeze, beaches in Diu create an exotic environment for the travellers to laze around.

2. Jallandhar Beach

Jallandhar Beach
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Named after the demon, Jallandar, this sunny beach lies almost 1km from Diu and has a temple and a memorial. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Chandrika while the memorial is atop a hill with a stone structure of the demon Jallandar. This is also one of the beaches in Diu which offers exciting water sports.

3. Ghoghla Beach

Ghoghla Beach
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One of the most attractive places in Diu is the Ghoghla beach. Located in the north of Diu town with not many people, it catches the attention of the tourists who prefer to stay aloof and not with the crowd. With standard restaurants around the place along with water sports, this beach stands complete. Lesser tourists are the reason for a much cleaner Ghoghla beach compared to the other beaches in the town.

4. Khodiyar Beach

Khodiyar Beach

Khodiyar Beach is one among the many secret gems of Diu. Hidden amidst dense bushes and enveloped in a clutter of a bunch of temples, the beach is touted to be one of the most peaceful places ever. Lined by dense black rock boulders, the beach offers thrilling views of violent waves crashing against the rocks. Known by very few people, this beach in Diu is usually deserted and you can visit to experience some wonderful moments of solitude and tranquillity.

5. Chakratirth Beach - Of the Charming Beaches of Diu

Chakratirth Beach - Of the Charming Beaches of Diu
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Nestled amidst the picturesque hills meeting the Arabian Sea, the Chakratirth beach is the ideal place to soak up the sun or frolic in the enchanting waters while beating the heat and relaxing by the calming beaches of Diu.

6. Gomtimata Beach

Gomtimata Beach
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Located on the western end of the Diu in the village Vanakbara, Gomtimata Beach is one of the best beaches in the region. Secluded and with natural white sand, it is a beautiful beach to just sit back and relax. You will also find a temple located at the beach.

7. Simbor Beach

Simbor Beach

Located in the village of Simbor in Diu, the namesake beach boasts of unparalleled serenity, mesmerising surroundings and incapacitating beauty. Apart from the sweeping picturesque views of the sea and the sands, the highlight of this beach in Diu is also an old Portuguese fort called "Fort St. Anthony of Simbor."

Besides the beautiful beaches in Diu, the land also has other monuments from the time of the Portuguese like the temples and churches, forts and museum which you definitely not miss.

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