Located near the port of Veraval, Diu is a small island which was earlier a Portuguese colony and is now guarded by beaches all around. Diu takes up most popularity given the ample number of beaches (Read More)along with museums and temples that a perfect add-on on your trip to Gujarat.

Here is the list of 15 Things to Do in Diu

1. Water Sports at Nagoa Beach

Water Sports at Nagoa Beach
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Famous for its pristine beauty and swaying palm trees, Nagoa Beach in Diu is an ideal and a recommended place for tourists all over the world. The place is well connected with the resorts, hence it making it easy for the travellers to relax and explore its beauty at the same time.

2. Magnificent Sea Views from Diu Fort

Magnificent Sea Views from Diu Fort
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Located on the Western coast of Indian was built by Portuguese during their colonial rule and is now under the administration of Indian government. The fort- cum - castle, is known as 'Praça de Diu' in Portuguese, is situated on the southern tip of Gujarat and is at the mouth of the Gulf of Khambhat.

3. Parasailing at Ghoghla Beach

Parasailing at Ghoghla Beach
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One of the most attractive places in Diu is the Ghoghla beach. Located in the north of Diu town with not many people, it catches the attention of the tourists who prefer to stay aloof and not with the crowd. With standard restaurants around the place along with water sports, this beach stands complete.

4. Stunning Architecture of St. Paul Church

Stunning Architecture of St. Paul Church
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Situated in Diu, a Union Territory of India, St. Paul’s Church is the largest and the only functioning church in Diu. Renowned all over the world for its stunning Jesuit architecture by Indian craftsmen, the church boasts of rich wood carvings, splendid facade, intriguing volutes and shell-like motifs.

5. Explore Naida Caves

Explore Naida Caves
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Located outside the city wall of the Diu Fort, the Naida Caves are a group of interlinked caves constructed by the Portuguese. The caves are only a short distance away from the Diu town and they feature a big network of tunnels with square hewn steps that remain completely unexplored.

6. INS Khukri Memorial

INS Khukri Memorial
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INS Khukri Memorial is the memorial site of an Indian Naval Ship that sank during the Indo-Pak War of 1971. The submarine was destroyed on 9th December 1971 when torpedo shots were fired on it, sinking the ship 40 nautical miles off the coast of Diu. At the time of sinking, there were 18 officers and 176 sailors on board.

7. Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple

Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple
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Situated amidst serenity and scenic beauty, the Gangeshwar Temple is dedicated to the transformer of Hindu trinity, Lord Shiva. This ancient Hindu Temple is located 3 km away from Diu in the Fudam Village of Gujarat. Believed to have been built by the Pandavas, this temple is famous for its five Shiva Lingas.

8. Diu Museum - Lights Up at Night

Diu Museum - Lights Up at Night
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A famous tourist spot of the town, the Diu Museum has been set up in the St. Thomas Church. The church had been built in 1598 but was later converted into a museum. The building still bears the worn out and faded portraits and paintings left behind by the Portuguese.

9. Collection of Shells at Sea Shell Museum

Collection of Shells at Sea Shell Museum
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One of the few shell museums in the world, the Sea Shell Museum is located 6km from Diu on the Nagoa road. It houses collections of Captain Fulbari, a sailor, who during his voyages collected many unique, pretty and amazing shells.

10. Sunset Point near Chakritirath Beach

Sunset Point near Chakritirath Beach
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A beautiful hillock located near the Chakritirath beach in Diu, offers its visitors a mesmerizing view of sunset from here. The hillock and the surrounding areas have been beautifully landscaped and illuminated. Chakratirth Beach is centrally located and contiguous to the Diu Town. Visitors also go to the Khodidhar beach which is another sunset viewpoint.

11. Boat Ride to Panikota Fort

Boat Ride to Panikota Fort
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A 16th-century ruin from the Portuguese era, the Panikota Fort was initially a Diu Jail. Formerly known as Fortim-do-Mar, this fort is a historic structure right in the middle of the seas. Hence, reaching this attraction would need a motorboat or a canoe.

12. Beaches for a Relaxing Getaway

Beaches for a Relaxing Getaway

With a coastal length of 21 kms, the beaches of Diu are absolutely quaint and beautiful. Boasting rich flora, fauna and wildlife; the highlight of the island are the palm-fringed shorelines, clear indigo waters and golden sandy beaches. The pristine beaches in Diu are ideal for a laid-back leisure vacation amidst a peaceful ambience and ataraxy.

13. Try Out the Mix of Cuisines in Diu

Try Out the Mix of Cuisines in Diu

Diu is a unique and composite blend of Gujarat's and Portuguese cuisine. This blend then, leaves few food domains that are not covered in the island's menu. On one hand you find traditional Gujrati food, and on the other hand you have an influence of the past with Portugeese cuisine and it results in exotic sea food.

14. Artificial Waterfall at Zampa Gateway

Artificial Waterfall at Zampa Gateway
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The Zampa Gateway is a major landmark of Diu hemming in the Northern part of the city. The bright red painted gateway wall is carved with dedicated angels, lions and a priest. An artificial waterfall adds to its beauty. The Zampa Gateway is an important historical place in Diu.

15. Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur Park

Located close to the Nagoa Beach the Dinosaur Park is a great picnic site with children in Diu. Alongside a couple of statues, the park also hosts some kids' rides and a small play area as well.

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