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Malinithan, Dhemaji Overview

Malinithan, situated 32 Kms from Dhemaji in the state of Arunachal Pradesh is a site of ancient temple ruins. It is located at the foot of the Siang hills of Assam, close to the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border. A favourite among history buffs and archaeologists, this site has many relics within its ruins. This site holds great religious importance for locals and is also a popular tourist spot.

As the name suggests, this shrine was dedicated to Goddess Malini, also known as Parvati. Some historical artifacts have been discovered and excavated at this site which makes the mystery of this place even more enigmatic. The ruins of the temple suggest that it was built with granite stones under the Aryan influence. The archaeological finds at this site include many idols of Durga and Shiva, indicating that Shakti was worshipped by the masses in this region.

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Legend of the temple

Local mythology narrates that when Krishna wanted to marry Rukmini, he abducted her before her wedding with Shishupala. On their way, they stopped at Malinithan, where they were welcomed by Shiva and Parvati. Parvati presented them with garlands made of flowers plucked from her orchard, which impressed Krishna so much that he gave Parvati the title of 'Malini'- the mistress of the garden.

Features of the temple

The findings unearthed at this site revealed an exceptionally designed pedestal of the temple. Statues and sculptures of various Gods and Goddesses, animals and flowers were also discovered here. This site also has some ruins of columns and panels that probably formed the facade of the temple. Idols of Indra, Surya, and Ganesha- all of whom are vital deities of Hindu mythology- were also discovered here.

Best Time To Visit Malinithan

Ideal time to visit this destination is during the daytime when one can easily see all the details of the temple ruins.

How To Reach Malinithan

Buses to Malinithan are easily available from Dhemaji and other nearby cities and towns.

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