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"Hub of Saudi's Oil Industry"

Dammam Tourism

The capital of the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dammam is the sixth largest city of the country. A major hub of the Saudi oil industry, Dammam is the largest growing city in the entire Arab region.

Believed to have gotten its name from the Arabic word dawwama or whirlpool, Damman was originally a cluster of little hamlets, with its small population depending mainly on fishing and pearls for their livelihood. The discovery of the oil wells in the region, accounting now for a quarter of the total oil reserves of the world, led to massive developments to its economy and transformed into an important centre for trade and commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The King Abdul Aziz sea port in Dammam is the largest in the Persian Gulf region. Dammam now has a rapidly growing population of around 1.5 million, and has established itself as an important city central to the Saudi economy's growth and progress. The city, like the rest of the country, revels in Saudi Arabian culture, traditions and cuisine. The city is well developed and has many interesting places to visit including the beautiful Dammam corniche area and the King Fahd Park.For learning more about the history of the eastern region and Saudi culture, the Dammam Regional Museum is very informative. The city also has some entertainment parks like the Dolphin Village for watching some fun live performances by the friendly creatures. Like all big cities in the Gulf Region, Dammam also has many big shopping malls where you can find the latest collection from top brands, and also a multitude of local street restaurants serving the famously authentic Middle-Eastern platters.

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What is the best time to visit Dammam?

The best time to visit Dammam is between the months of October and March, the winter season bringing a pleasant and cool climate to this desert city.
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What are the places near Dammam?

The top places near to Dammam are Riyadh which is 391 km from Dammam, Manama which is located 53 km from Dammam, Doha which is located 191 km from Dammam, Kuwait city which is located 388 km from Dammam, Dubai which is located 536 km from Dammam

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