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Q. Price of Corbett Tour Packages?


6 years ago
You can check for prices on all the Corbett Tour Packages from the following link - https://www.holidify.com/places/corbett-national-park/packages.html
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Q. Is there a night safari in Jim Corbett?

Kumar Kislay

6 years ago
Some operators and resorts provide a night safari at Corbett National Park. Some of these are, Corbett Jungle Club Resort and Corbett Fun resort. You can book these in advance, and a trained driver a (Read More)nd a wildlife specialist will guide your trip to the Wildlife Park.
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Q. Is August a good season to go Jim Corbett?

Surbhi Parashar

6 years ago
The best time to visit Jim Corbett is from November to June. It is advisable not to visit Corbett during monsoon months because it is partially closed due to safety reasons.
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Ayush Baheti

6 years ago
- Book accomodation and safaris well in advance.
- In order to increase you chance of seeing a tiger, take on more than one safari. Morning safaris are generally said to give you higher chances of (Read More) spotting a tiger.
- There is minimal network coverage for mobile phones and internet.

Sanjana Chawla

6 years ago
Situated in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett is the oldest National Park in India. It is captivating and eye-catching in almost every way and the pleasant weather and the lush-green fore (Read More)sts keep you rejuvenated at all times. You can visit Corbett from a bus or by your own car from November to June. Jim Corbett has a lot of resorts and hotels that offer accommodation but if you want to have a first-hand experience and if you love adventure trips, then staying in Bijrani or Dhikala is the best option for you. They are located within the forests itself and booking for the safari and accommodation needs to be done in advance. Jim Corbett is famous for spotting the Bengal tigers and you can easily find several deers, crocodiles, elephants, monkeys and several species of reptiles too. going on two to three safari rides increases your chances of spotting the tiger and getting the best view. It is ideal to visit the jungle and go on an early morning safari as it's cooler in the mornings and animals can be witnessed more. Elephant safari rides are also fun as you get a wider and a better view from up there! Corbett fall, located a few kilometres away from the National park is also a great place to go to as the cold water and the liveliness of the place keeps you at ease and releases all the tiredness and stress. the Corbett museum is a good place if you wish to take home souvenirs or are interested in the documentaries and history of the park. The network connectivity in Corbett is not that great due to lack of towers so leave all your important work at home and come to this place with a free mind and without stress. You will love sipping on some tea with your feet dipped in the clean Kosi river or maybe enjoy a day with your friends doing river rafting in the chilled waters!

Manya Kapoor

6 years ago
Jim Corbett National Park lies in the Nainital district in Uttarakhand and is well known for its tiger richness. It is also a haven for the bird watchers and is known to protect the most endangered s (Read More)pecies. I strongly recommend this place for all those nature lovers who want some peaceful time away from the hustle bustle of the city. Jim Corbett is indeed one of the finest national parks of India with an extremely rich biodiversity. Recently it has attracted a large number of tourists owing to the growing number of expensive and world class resorts. It should definitely be in the bucket list of all travellers!


on Dhikala 6 years ago
Dhikala Zone Jim Corbett is the best site to spot a tiger. The landscape of this zone is also very beautiful.

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