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Timings : 9:45 AM - 6:00 PM

Time Required : 1-2 hours

Entry Fee : Included in the entry fee for Chittorgarh Fort
Indian Citizens: INR 15
Foreign Nationals: INR 200

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Ratan Singh Palace, Chittorgarh Overview

Ratan Singh Palace or Ratan Singh Mahal is a monument of immense historical importance located in the premises of the ravishing Chittorgarh Fort. The beauty of the splendid Ratan Singh Palace is enhanced ten folds by the Ratneshwar Lake which is located next to the palace. Tourists are sure to get a glimpse of the lifestyle of the Rajasthani royals as they explore the magnificent monument. The east-facing entrance, the enormous walls, the grand courtyard, the regal rooms, the pillared chhatris, pavilions and the balconies, characteristic of traditional Rajasthani architecture, are sure to leave you in awe. Most of it is in ruins now, but the charm and the regal vibe of the palace are still intact. The colours and the composition found at this monument are mind-stirring.

Ratan Singh Palace was built between 1528 and 1531 AD. According to historians, it has been mentioned in the works created by Amir Khusrau when he entered and attacked the mighty Chittorgarh Fort with Alauddin Khilji. The striking palace compound also consists of a beautifully maintained garden and a temple dedicated to Ratneshwar Mahadev. The site that once served as a beautiful venue for many royal events and ceremonies is now open to the public as a national and historical monument. Some even recite captivating stories as the place is also believed to be a haunting ground for the spirits of the people who were killed in the fort.

The top floor of Ratan Singh Mahal is the best location to get a majestic view of the beautiful sunset as the balmy rays of the sun fills one's heart with warmth and happiness, and the beautiful lake inculcates a sense of tranquillity against the backdrop of the mesmerizing ruins. So, whether one wants to visit the palace for its haunting stories or historical achievement, a visit to the Ratan Singh Palace is a must.

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How To Reach Ratan Singh Palace

Ratan Singh Palace is easily reachable from any part of Chittorgarh via the Chittorgarh Fort Road. Tourists can hail public transport like buses, auto rickshaws, and cycle rickshaws from any part of the city. Rental cars or taxis are also available in the city and is the most comfortable mode of transportation.

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