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Menal, Chittorgarh Overview

Menal is a small village situated in the district of Chittorgarh located on the Chittor-Bundi Road about 90 kilometres from the city. The hamlet is a major attraction in Rajasthan because of its ancient temples, traditional architecture, nature and the rich culture of Rajasthan. Menal is a preferred picnic spot because of its beautiful landscape and proximity to Chittorgarh, Rawatbhata, Mandalgarh, Bhilwara and Shahpura. The ancient monuments and the scenic beauty of the location also draw nature lovers, architecture enthusiasts and photographers who are continually searching for offbeat places. 

Menal is a part of the Begun Tehsil in Chittorgarh District. The village is managed by Menal Panchayat. The population of the town is around 350 people making it a less crowded getaway for tourists and picnickers. The ruins of the hamlet have a unique vibe and give a glimpse into the lifestyle of the dynasties who ruled the region since 11th Century AD. The village and the temples were often visited by Prithviraj Chauhan during the summers to escape the heat. The ruins have a story to tell to everyone who is willing to listen. Do taste the local cuisine while exploring the village. Tourists will cherish every bit of this beautiful hamlet for life.

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Menal Waterfall

The famous Menal waterfall is located in the village. It is a crowd puller because of its enormous size that gushes gallons of water, especially during the monsoons. The region surrounding the waterfall is thus home to dense vegetation and a variety of birds and animals. The waterfall has a height of over 150 feet and is located on River Menali which flows further to meet River Banas and River Badech.

Menal Temples

Menal is a land with many ancient temples in Rajasthan some of which date back to the 12th century. Most of these temples belong to the Buddhist culture. One of the most famous temples here is the Mahabaleshwara Temple, also known as Mini Khajuraho of India. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and was built in 11th Century AD by King Someshwar Chhahamana and his wife, Queen Suhavadevi who belonged to the Sakhambari Dynasty. The temple was often used by Prithviraj Chauhan to escape the sweltering heat of Rajasthan during the summers. The temple architecture is made of stone has intricately carved pillars and pagodas which is a characteristic of the Hindu Style of Architecture. Like all Shiva temples, this temple also has a statue of Nandi at the entrance.

Some more temples that attract devotees and tourists are the Dev Narayan Temple, the Menal Hanuman Temple, the Jogniya Mata Temple, and the Golamgarh Balaji Temple. Some of the temples in Menal couldn't stand the tests of time. However, archaeologists have managed to restore some structures and sculptures.

Bird Watching in Menal

The dense forest region around the mighty Menal Waterfall is a perfect place for a forest safari. Wildlife in the region get draws to the waterfall for drinking water. Tourists can go on a jungle safari or a bird watching session in the region to observe the wildlife of Menal in its natural habitat.

Menal Resort

For those who wish to stay at Menal for a few days can stay at the Menal Resort. The resort is built on the hills and is a perfect place to get a breathtaking view of the valleys, the dense natural vegetation and the gushing waterfall. It provides all the necessary amenities along with luxury rooms and scrumptious food.

Best Time To Visit Menal

The best time to visit Menal is between June and February. Between June to September, the region receives rainfall and tourists can witness the Menal Waterfall flowing beautifully in the canyon. October to February is winter time apt for exploring the village as the weather stays pretty pleasant through the day. Also, a variety of migratory birds flock to the dense vegetation around the waterfall, making it a perfect location for bird watchers.

Tips For Visiting Menal

1. The waterfall is usually dry except for the monsoon season.
2. Watch your step while exploring the waterfall from near.
3. The temperature usually soars during the afternoon even during winters. Wear sun protection and keep yourself well hydrated.

How To Reach Menal

Menal is located about 90 kilometres from Chittorgarh. Tourists can hail public transport to reach the hamlet. Although rented taxis or cabs are the best options to reach, there are regular buses that ply to and from the Begun Bus Stand that one can opt for. Tourists exploring Menal by self-driven vehicles can reach via Chittor - Bundi Road or NH27.

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