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Guhagar Beach, Chiplun Overview

Located on the banks of the Vashisthi River, the ancient city of Chiplun is as famous for its mangoes and coconuts as it is for its Guhagar Beach. A favourite picnic spot among the local inhabitants of the area as well as tourists from all across the country, the beach is noted for its breathtaking sunrise and sunset scenes, as well as its tranquil surroundings. In fact, the Guhagar beach is the only white sand beach that is situated among the long stretch of Konkan beaches, and proudly boasts of its clean and vast stretch of sand that is bare, save a distant jetty far away. The expanse of sand is sprinkled with swaying palm and coconut trees. White-bellied sea-eagles soaring across the vast sky is also quite a familiar sight to behold here. 

Guhagar is a city in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra in India, and Chiplun is the nearest city and railhead to it, that is located about 44 kilometres away from Guhagar. The Guhagar Beach stands in sharp contrast to the other beaches that are characterised by their large crowds and buzzing activities. Unlike those beaches, the Guhagar Beach is serene and soothing with its limited commercial operations and crowd.

The Guhagar Beach is the perfect place to be at for all those who want to get a first-hand experience of the local food and hospitality of the area since the nearby villages offer quaint homestay programmes, which provide a blissful escape away from the din of the city. The pleasant environment of this pure beauty is undoubtedly not to be missed, and this is precisely why tourists love visiting this beach time and again.

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Sightseeing at Guhagar Beach

Unlike other beaches situated to the north of the Vashishti River, where a thin film of white sand covers the black sand underneath; the Guhagar Beach is the first beach among the entire Konkan stretch of beaches that stands true to its texture. The fact that the beach is juxtaposed to the lush green hills further accentuates the beauty of the beach. There is not much to explore at the beach except to simply marvel at the beauty of the clear water and the betel, coconut and palm plantations. In fact, the water of the beach is so clean and clear that even during monsoons; you can easily see the land under the water.

The beach is also completely free of plastic waste and large groups of tourists. The beach located to the left of the Guhagar Beach, which is known as Asgoli, is a beautiful place to explore. It is also possible to catch few glimpses of eagles gliding super close to the shore and fishermen going about their morning routines.

Things To Do at Guhagar Beach

The Guhagar is visited by those who prefer peaceful and silent beaches where they can quietly sit down and relax, and hence there is not much to do while at the beach. The most obvious way to make a visit to the beach worthwhile is to laze around and admire the bounties of Nature simply. You can take a morning walk on the beach and stroll along the water with your loved ones, and also have a look at the 4-kilometre long Enror Jetty that is located to the right.

The entrance to the Guhagar Beach is marked by many tall trees. This area is a large play area for the kids and has swings, slides and see-saws for children to enjoy. Many small stalls here also sell coconut water and fried snacks here. There are no water sports facilities available at the Guhagar Beach. However, the beach is totally safe, and people often venture into the sea to enjoy a beach bath.

Local Food at Guhagar Beach

The Guhagar Beach, as well as the nearby areas, are well-renowned for their appetising traditional Konkani food as well as local versions of Punjabi and Chinese cuisines. While visiting the beach and surrounding areas, do not forget to sample 'thalipeeth', which is a savoury multigrain parantha unique to the region, as well as a glass of 'sol kadi', which is basically a chilled drink of kokum and coconut milk.
The local vendors at the beach also sell lip-smacking sevpuri, panipuri and other such items.

Best Time To Visit Guhagar Beach

The weather at the Guhagar Beach is warm throughout the year, but the maximum temperature can reach around 34 degrees Celcius from November to April. A visit to the beach in the monsoon season is recommended for those who look forward to solitude and green foliage at the beach.

Tips For Visiting Guhagar Beach

1. Since the beach does not have water sports and other such recreational facilities, visitors looking forward to an adrenaline rush at the beach might get disappointed.
2. Avoid visiting the beach immediately after the monsoon months of September and October, because the weather at that time is unusually humid.
3. Ensure that you do not litter on the beach and dump plastic wastes recklessly. Visit this destination for its peaceful and pristine surroundings.

How To Reach Guhagar Beach

The Guhagar Beach is located in Chiplun, just within 200 metres from the Guhagar S.T. Depot, towards the western side. Maharashtra government public buses (MSRTC buses) and Volvo buses frequently shuttle between Chiplun and nearby cities. Private buses and taxis are also easily available for commutation.

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