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Kalpeshwar, Chamoli Overview

One of the famous Panch Kedars located in Uttarakhand, Kalpeshwar is famous for the Kalpeshwar Temple which, highly revered for housing Lord Shiva in one of his five forms (Kedars). Perched at an altitude of 2400 meters, Kalpeshwar is a breathtaking place with amazing views of the Himalayan peaks and an aura that just grips you upon your arrival here.

It is quite an experience to be amidst imposing peaks of the Himalayas, with cold air gushing into your face, carrying strong hints of spirituality and devotion, defining the town. The place is full of legends surrounding its origin while the temple is the heart and soul of the town.

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Best Time To Visit Kalpeshwar

The best time to visit Kalpeshwar is from April till October as the snow clears out during this period allowing easier access to the temple. The weather in Kalpeshwar is almost always cold so one is required to wear multiple layers of woolens.

Traveling Around Kalpeshwar

Travelling within the town is largely on foot.

Stay Near Kalpeshwar

Kalpeshwar offers some home stay options for accommodation. One can also put up at the temple dharamshala or set up tents for accommodation.

Sightseeing Around Kalpeshwar

Kalpeshwar Temple is the only major tourist attraction in the area.

Activities At Kalpeshwar

Given its terrain and altitude, Kalpeshwar is quite an experience for trekkers.

Local Experiences At Kalpeshwar

An isolated temple town in the Himalayan hinterland being here one can experience the magic of the rugged Himalayan.

Food At Kalpeshwar

Try out some amazing Garhwali and Kumauni cuisines such as aloo ke gutke, gahat, chainsoo and kaapa.

Sample Itinerary For Kalpeshwar

Reach Kalpeshwar via Urgum Village. Visit the Kalpeshwar Temple here.

Trivia About Kalpeshwar

One of the Panch Kedar Temples in Uttarakhand.

Tips For Visiting Kalpeshwar

Make sure that you enquire about the condition of the roads around Urgum village to avoid getting caught in a landslide if traveling during the monsoon season. Carry a lot of woolens and good sturdy shoes for trekking.

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