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Tiger Falls, Chakrata Overview

The Tiger Falls is a hidden gem near Dehradun in Chakrata. Situated in the laps of mighty nature; these falls have become one of the most popular places of retreat among the locals and the tourists. In order to escape the hullabaloo of cities, people head towards these natural falls. Surrounded by dense forest the gushing water of the fall echoes in the nearby hillocks creating the sounds of rejuvenation. Moreover, with an elevation of 312 ft, it is India's highest direct waterfall.

Covered by a backdrop of eye capturing woody deodars, the waterfall finds itself 20 km from Chakrata. Apart from a fun picnic spot, the tiger falls serve as the final destination of a trekking route nearby. Hence, if you are an adventure lover and are looking forward to an exciting trek, these falls in Uttarakhand should be your next destination. The falls have managed to maintain its pristine wild beauty. Tucked away from the metropolitan life its ambivalence remains untouched from the clutches of westernisation. So, if you are a nature lover or someone who is looking for a small getaway, the Tiger Falls is an ideal place to visit. 

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Trekking to Tiger Falls

The majestic falls provide an enthralling trekking experience to its visitors. It gives them a chance to explore the beauty of nature at its best. Walking through the forest and hillocks; the way to Tiger Falls is bewitching enough to make its place in your memories for a long time. 

There are two trekking routes. While one includes a km trek, the other has 5 km of adventurous climbing uphill and downhill. For 1 km trek take the Chakrata-Lakhamandal path which leads you to the waterfall. The more extended route (5 km) starts from the Chakrata taxi stand located near the cantonment area. It takes you inside the dense forests near the oak and deodar trees and brings you closest to the mother nature. In the end, every ache becomes worth as you witness the astonishing waterfall. These indeed are overwhelming!

Things to do at Tiger Falls

The mysteriously attractive falls provide you with a chance to carry out several activities. Some of them being-

1. Camping
Nestled in the prepossessing valley, Tiger Falls give you an opportunity to camp under the sky full of stars. Decidedly fewer people know about this, you can spend a night near this fall. Though before planning to camp, you must confirm with the local authorities, and if it is safe during that time, you are all set to have a fantastic camping time. Avoid the camping session during the monsoon season. Imagine lying idly with galaxy draped over your heads and lush green forest around! Doesn't it sound like a fairytale? If yes, then you can realize yours here at Tiger Falls. 

2. Picnic
Set the engines of your car on and head straight towards the Tiger Falls for a picnic day out. Sit beside the falls and enjoy the natural bliss. Listen to the splashing waters and chirping of birds only to enter in a relaxing mode. No matter you are a kid or a grown-up adult, the falls know how to treat you well with its elegant beauty. Since the place is away from the city, the pollution and commercialisation are negligible. Pack some sandwiches, bottles of juice, or any dish of your choice and rush to this place hidden in the dense forest.

3. Dip in the Pool
Escape the scorching heat of the sun as you dip into the small pool formed by the waterfall. Click as many pictures you want while swimming through the stream. The pool is petite, even a group of 10 people can overcrowd it. So make sure you go inside turn by turn to thoroughly relish the cold waters of the Tiger Fall.

4. Waterfall rappelling
Tiger Falls is famous for water rappeling as well. It is a paradise for adventure lovers. Moreover, if you are a water baby, you are going to love it for sure. It is quite dangerous hence not suggested for weak hearts. The best time for water rappeling is during the summer season, i.e. between April and June.

Best time to visit Tiger Falls

Best Time To Visit Tiger Falls

There is no such best time to visit the Tiger Falls. To be more precise, it depends on the reason for which you are travelling here. Though visiting Tiger Falls is a memorable experience all around the year, you must keep in mind the primary aim that is getting you here.

If you wish to witness its beauty at the highest level, you must visit here during the monsoon season (July-October). Adventurous activities like trekking and water rappeling seem safer during the summer season (April-June). Whereas during winters (November-March) you can sit here without getting irritated by the sweltering heat of the sun.

Tips For Visiting Tiger Falls

1. Carry proper trekking shoes if you wish to trek as the ways during monsoon are quite slippery.
2. You might not find any good restaurant nearby, hence you must take your own food and water.
3. It is advisable to get a reliable guide from Dehradun Tourism Office so that you can have safer trekking and camping experiences. 
4. In case you want to take a bath in the waterfall, there are kiosks available for changing your clothes. 
5. Visiting this falls is not recommended for the elderly and very small kids as reaching the Tiger Falls involve steep hiking and trekking.

How To Reach Tiger Falls

The Tiger Falls is situated at a distance of 20 km from Chakrata. It will take 30-40 minutes to reach here. As you enter the road near the falls, you need to walk down for a km to reach your destination. The nearest railway station to falls is Dehradun Railway station, and it takes 2 hours from there to arrive here. Hiring a taxi is the best thing you could do as the roads are narrower than usual hence, a professional driver would be of great help. After parking the car in the paid parking, the falls can be reached by hiking for around 1 km.

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