A large room several floors down into the city. A view showing several floors at once. A remarkable block formation of andesite (a volcanic rock) with several holes, used in Kaymakli for cold copper processing.

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Kaymaklõ Underground City, Cappadocia Overview

Located in Goreme, the Kaymaklõ Underground City is the widest and one of the largest of the 36 underground cities in Cappadocia.

Kaymaklõ Underground City was built during the Hittite era, along with the other underground cities to act as a safe haven during raids and attacks. It was expanded over the years and today has 8 floors under the earth. These floors are full of cellars, storage spaces, stables, and also wineries. Of the 8 floors, only 4 are open to the public, and most of the things of interest are on the 3rd floor. On this floor there is also the block of andesite, that is believed to have been used as a melting pot for copper. The underground city was brilliantly planned. There is also a ventilation shaft which goes through the entire settlement. There are houses and storage places with slabs to keep objects. Archaeologists believed that more than 3000 people resided in the Kaymaklõ Underground City.

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Kaymaklõ Underground City
Kaymaklõ Underground City
Kaymaklõ Underground City
Kaymaklõ Underground City

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