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Timings : Daily Brewing Tours: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Dutch, French, English) Saturday - extra tours taken by 5:00 PM.

Time Required : Approx. 45 minutes

Entry Fee : Adults (Tour + 1 Brugse Zot beer): EUR 12.00. 6 - 12 years old(Tour + 1 Brugse Zot beer): EUR 6.00. Below 6 (Tour): Free. Group (20 members and above): EUR 11.00 (Tour + 1 Brugse Zot beer). XL Tour is also available on request.

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De Halve Maan, Bruges Overview

All beer lovers, get on board! De Halve Maan, a 500 old vintage brewery started in 1854, has transformed itself into a must-visit tourist destination in Bruges. It has opened a unique brewery museum which provides guided tours to visitors regarding the background of this historic brewery. In 2016, new double beer pipeline was installed, over 3.2 kms long, to ban the traffic of trucks for transporting beer. These double pipelines have become quite the thrill as people flock together to get a view of them. The brewery is located on a well-connected Walplein road.

The tours of the brewery explain the history of the Maes family that invested over six generations in this business. It also takes one to the back functioning of the brewery: the various types of equipment used and the details of the techniques used in brewing. The history of the brewery is longer than the history of about any modern brewery. It had to undergo a lot of uphills and downhills to reach where it currently is. It is also the producer of the world famous beer called Brugse Zot, which is the best beer in Bruges. Some of the other beers brewed here are Brugse SpotZot, Brugse Bok, Hendrik Hendrik, Hendrik Wild, Brugse White beer and others. The place also serves delicious lunch in its cosy place and provides a splendid view of the canals.

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History of De Halve Maan

De Halve Maan is a brewery with a very long history of coming along to produce the famous beer of Bruges: Brugse Zot. The brewing shop was registered back in 1954 under the name as Die Maene by Henri Maes. He was supported by his uncle when he learned to produce a high fermented beer which tasted sour and turbid. He renamed the brewery to De Halve Maan. After his death, his two sons - Archie and Henri - took up the brewery. Henri II visited England to learn up new ways of brewing during the Industrial Revolution. He learned to make pale-ale and stout by bringing in new equipment such as a malt house and an oest. In 1905, after their deaths, their spouses struggled to keep the brewery alive through the world war. In 1919, Henri III took up the responsibility of the brewery. He learned the art of low fermentation to produce beers from Germany, which was a leader in brewing. This led to the production of Bock - a light lager which helped in the growth of sales.

Henri IV also showed great interest in the brewery. The brewery grew from home distribution and was sold through horses and carts, and later with trucks across West Flanders. In 1981. Henri IV, along with his daughter Veronique Maes, discovered a new beer, named Straffe Hendrik which was a huge success. This beer also underwent huge issues: the beer ‘s production was taken over by some other firm in 1988 and in 2002, De Halve Maan began to fail. Veronique Maes refurbished the entire brewery: special museum, lounges and dining rooms were added. Xavier Vanneste, son of Veronique Maes, takes up a new project and produces Brugse  Zot which becomes world-famous. He is also able to bring back the long lost Straffe Hendrick back to De Halve Maan, in 2008.

How To Reach De Halve Maan

De Halve Maan’s location on the Walplein road makes it a very well-connected place. Even though it is at a distance from the principal attractions, the brewery is promising enough for a detour. Some of the options to travel to the brewery are :
Nearest Bus Stop: Brugge Begijnhof (190 m from De Halve Maan)
Bus Numbers: 11, 12, 31
Nearest Railway Station: Bruges/Brugge Station (1 km from De Halve Maan)
Train Lines: L, IC
One can easily take any of these routes or decide to hire taxis or cabs for a more private tour.

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