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Historium, Bruges Overview

The city of Bruges, first and foremost, is a historical town. Its history has given it a unique place in the travel industry such that people from all over the world travel to Belgium, to visit this small town rich in its medieval past. The Historium, located right in the centre of this city, provides the visitors just that - a tour of Bruges lavish history curated through new technologies. The tour includes a visit of the Historium Story, Historium Exhibition, Historium Virtual Reality and Historium Tower. The Historium as an idea originated in a Flemish family back in 2006. It has been operational and open to visitors since 25 November 2012.

The Historium has so much to offer that one can take up an entire day to delve into the Golden Age of Bruges. There are various packages designed for travellers such that the visitors themselves have a say regarding their experience. There is also a bar available at the Historium for travellers to dive straight into after their visit at the Historium. This historical museum promises to travellers from all walks of life a proper and wholesome experience of the city of Bruges as it lived and thrived back in the medieval ages.

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Historium Tour Details

Historium Story

The history of Bruges is rich and complex in details against the backdrop of medieval Europe. In the Historium Story, one gets the chance to virtually live through some of the significant points of Bruges history through the help of visual effects, films and music. It starts from the Quays in Bruges, which were a substantial part of the import and export trades of wool and Flemish broadcloth. One moves from rooms to rooms, specialized in the history of Bruges. All these We come to Jan Van Eyck’s themed room to witness his creative process and the causes and consequences of his painting issued by Joris van der Peale. Other primary locations explored in additional rooms are The Toll House, the Backstreets, the Guilds and the Bathhouse. Along with this, the Stock Exchange - the first ever in the world started by the Beurse as an inn with Italian merchants as some of the first customers - is also dedicated its own themed room.

Historium Virtual Reality

An extraordinary experience curated for the visitors, Historium VR offers individuals to put on some glasses and go on an 8 - minutes trip to the Golden Age of Bruges. One gets a real view of everything as explored in the films and effects in the Historium Story tour. There is an added experience called the City VR wherein the individuals wear Google Cardboard lenses as they go on foot to 6 different attractions in Bruges and view how it looked in the medieval centuries.

Historium Exhibition

This room answers the what and the how of the Historium. One visits this at the end of their tour as it provided answers to how the city was constructed and how it grew. It focuses on learning about the architecture of the town, its layout and the lineage of ramparts. Historium Exhibition is a way of explanations regarding the historical authenticity of medieval Bruges and how it is recreated through modern technology in the Historium Story.

Historium Tower

The topmost part of the neo-Gothic building, the Historium Tower provides an excellent 360-degree view of the city of Bruges. It consists of 145 steps, and the observation deck is at the height of 25 ms. In case you are daring enough, pay a visit to this tower as it provides an impressive view of the city. From the canals to the tower, the city of Bruges has a lot to offer when it comes to its charming elegance.

Historium Tickets

Time Traveller
Thirsty Time Traveller
EUR 17.50
EUR 13.50
EUR 11.00
EUR 16.50
EUR 19.50
EUR 15.50
EUR 13.50
EUR 18.50
EUR 14.00
EUR 10.00
EUR 7.50
EUR 13.00
Group (15 and more)
EUR 14.00
EUR 17.50
EUR 12.00
Primary School
Secondary School
EUR 8.00
EUR 10.00
EUR 12.00
EUR 6.00
EUR 8.00
EUR 10.00
Time Traveller: Historium Story + Historium Exhibition + Historium Virtual Reality
Thirsty Time Traveller: Historium Story + Historium Exhibition + Historium Virtual Reality + A Drink at the Duvelorium
Explorer: Historium Story + Historium Exhibition
Historium Tower
Historium Virtual Reality*
Historium + Groeningemuseum
EUR 7.00
EUR 7.00
EUR 22.00
EUR 5.00
EUR 22.00
*Age 11 and above; below the age 11 need to be accompanied with an adult

Tips for Visiting Historium

  • The last tickets for Historium Story, Historium Tower, Historium Exhibition are available at 5:00 PM while for Historium Virtual Reality, the last tickets are available at 5:30 PM.
  • There are toilets available in the basement. Pay: EUR 0.50
  • There are ten languages accessible in the Historium: English, Mandarin, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese.
  • There is wheelchair access at the Historium, along with a personal assistant.
  • Free Wifi, First Aid post, and a Duvelorium Shop are also available.

How To Reach Historium

The Historium is located next to one of the most densely populated places of the city: the Markt. This place is easily accessible. One can decide to choose any of the options to reach The Historium:

Nearest Bus Stop: Brugge Markt, 8000 Brugge, Belgium (49 m from Historium)

Nearest Railway Station: Bruges / Brugge, Stationsplein 5, 8000 Brugge, Belgium (3.7 kms from Historium)

One can easily take any of these routes or decide to hire taxis or cabs for a more private tour.

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