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City Shopping, Bhadrachalam Overview

Though a small town, Bhadrachalam is frequently visited by regional as well as international tourists. City shopping in Bhadrachalam is a heaven for people who like unique cultural offerings. You can shop for idols, religious books, paintings and other related souvenirs around various temples and tourist spots.

Shopping in Bhadrachalam doesn't offer convenience all year-round. Reason being that the town has visitors mainly for its temples. Therefore, it is only during festivals that the devotees and other visitors come to this town. Hence, if you plan on doing some serious city shopping, it is advised to plan your trip during the festive season, which is mainly during the month of December.

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What to Buy

Bhadrachalam is known for its silk sarees, which are sold in a variety of silks with beautifully handcrafted patterns. Rajmundry silk sarees are considered to have a royal heritage and hence, they are the most expensive and sought-after.
City Shopping in Bhadrachalam
The shops here have a wide range of native Indian crafts and arts, which include attractive home decorations made of wood and brass. You find some vendors along the banks of Godavari River selling beads and silver jewellery. The town also offers lavish and surprisingly affordable hand-woven carpets, woven by native weavers.

Tips For Visiting City Shopping

During the festivals of Ekadasi and Dasavatara Mahotsavams, there are huge processions and the entire town is decorated with lit oil lamps and colorful rangolis.

How To Reach City Shopping

All shopping zones are located outside various temples, which stretch put for miles and miles. So, search what you wish to buy, just outside whichever temple you're visiting.

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