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Geoffrey Bawa Gardens, Bentota Overview

The Geoffrey Bawa Gardens or more popularly known as the Lunuganga Garden is a beautiful garden architected by the known Geoffrey Bawa. The former cinnamon estate was later converted into a country house which was then brought by Geoffrey in the year 1949. It was during that year when Geoffrey wished to convert the estate into an European renaissance garden. Expanding the country house into a weekend home and a 15 acres garden, the architect created a garden so splendid and spacious, that with its charm and beauty, it enthrals its visitors to this date.

Located on the banks of the Dedduwa Lake, the garden is a symbol of continuous change and development, while staying true to its roots. This is because since it’s built the garden has been undergoing through multiple renovations. The garden not only consists of scenic views and pleasant flowers but also various lodges and works of artists from all around Asia and Europe. Before turning into a garden, the land was a cinnamon estate and a very major of the supplier of the same. Even today, one can visit the cinnamon farms and various other cinnamon harvesting rooms inside the garden.

Apart from this, the garden is divided into various sections and parts to avoid getting lost in the dense woods.  Some of these sections consist of the red terrace, the glass room, the water garden, the yellow courtyard, the broad walk, etc. The red terrace is known so because of the colour of the top soil which turns out to be red. The glass room is one of the facilities which were built back during the 1980s. The water garden consists of a small lake in the middle of the garden. One of Geoffrey’s favourite locations, the water garden is perfect for resting amongst tall bamboos and rustling leaves after a long garden tour.

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Garden Tours at Geoffrey Bawa Gardens

The garden tours start at 9:30AM and continue till 6:00PM, except for the hour long break that takes place in the afternoon. The tours consist of a group of 15-20 individuals accompanied along with a trained guide. As the tour moves on the guide would not only tell about the history of the garden, but also shares various other facts and information.

Staying at the Geoffrey Bawa Gardens

There are various lodges inside the garden in which clean, living accommodations are available. But reservations must be made in advance, as because of their view of the garden and top-class facilities, the lodges tend to be full of visitors.

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