Things To Do in Bentota For A Beachy Getaway

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Things To Do in Bentota

The terrains of Bentota widen the scope for a multitude of experiences as it falls in the coastal southwest region of Sri Lanka. Some of the things to do in Bentota could be to visit the tropical gar (Read More)dens in Brief Garden or buy sacred masks from Ambalangoda. One could practically spend days at the beaches in Bentota just lounging or doing water sports. There are still many other activities that one can indulge in at Bentota - visit Kande Vihara or Cinnamon Island or take the river safari at Madhu Ganga.

Here is the list of 9 Things To Do in Bentota For A Beachy Getaway

1. Brief garden by Bevis Bawa, Bentota

 Brief garden by Bevis Bawa, Bentota

The beautiful Brief garden was designed by Bevis Bawa and is approximately 10 km from Bentota. The place where the garden is today was initially an estate which was originally a rubber plantation. The land stretches over two hectares and is one of the gorgeous tropical gardens inspired by the local traditions of Sri Lanka along with Italian and English landscapes.

2. Ambalangoda Shopping

Ambalangoda Shopping

Ambalangoda is a coastal town known for its obsession with all kinds of masks, especially the ones which invoke the devils with its intricate patterns and designs. One of the things to do in Bentota is to travel to Ambalangoda for the antique items sold at every corner and for the unique masks they make. One can also find dances with the costumes on if lucky enough.

3. Bentota Beach Activities

Bentota Beach Activities

he clean and quiet surroundings make Bentota Beach a preferred spot for unwinding for locals and tourists alike; the sunset at the beach is nothing short of gorgeous. The peak season in Bentota witnesses moderate currents, which is excellent for a light swim and water sports such as water skiing and boogie boarding, to name a few. Indulge your taste buds with a hearty Sri Lankan meal or continental delicacies at any of the oceanfront restaurants in the vicinity.

4. Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project, Bentota

Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project, Bentota

Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project is on the west coast, and this project aims to protect and rescue sea turtles as well as make sure that the eggs hatch safely without any interference from predators. One can visit the Turtle hatchery to participate in this project as well as closely look into the process of rescuing and nurturing sea turtles.

5. Kande Vihara, Bentota

Kande Vihara, Bentota

One of the treasured monuments of the country of Sri Lanka is the Kande Vihara temple. One of the biggest Buddhists temples in the district of Kalutara, the Kande Vihara temple derives its name from its location - the mountain crest. The unique characteristic of the temple is that on top of it sits a majestic cross-legged Buddha, one of the tallest sitting Buddha statues in the world. The Sri Lankan government has also recognised the temple as one of the archaeological sites of the country. The temple is an important site for followers of Buddhism, cultural enthusiasts and even historians and architecture geeks and archaeological explorers.

6. Cinnamon Island, Bentota

Cinnamon Island, Bentota

A small quaint island where one can learn about the methods of cinnamon harvesting and get away from the city. Experience a family run cinnamon plantation by interacting and educating yourself of the process by which different parts of the cinnamon tree is used for creating different cinnamon products like cinnamon sticks and aromatic oils.

7. Madu Ganga River Safari, Bentota

Madu Ganga River Safari, Bentota

Madu Ganga River, one of Sri Lanka’s most prized possessions and the home of the mangroves is located in the Galle district. The river covers at least 150 acres of land and consists of 14 mangroves out of the 24 mangrove species found in Sri Lanka. The river having the mangrove environment has different species of both flora and fauna living inside of it, which makes it a haven for the ecologists and the botanists.

8. Cycling


Bentota, with its panoramic views and quaint town, is one of the ideal places for cycling. As you cycle across the city you will come across so many things to do in Bentota such as age-old Hindu Temples, alleyways, shops and much more. The mural painted across the Mullegoda Temple, and the clear turquoise waters of Dedduwa Lake are bound to leave you in awe.

9. Visit Galle Fort

Visit Galle Fort

The Galle Fort, located on the southern coast of the country, is one of the five historical monuments which one must visit when in Sri Lanka. The fort was initially built by the Portuguese and was later modified by the Dutch. Today the Galle Fort is also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a stunning blend of architecture, archaeology and history amidst a beautiful tropical setting.

One can never run out of options of what things to do in Bentota because there are so many different options one can choose and pick from!

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