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Charanpaduka, Badrinath Overview

With imprints of what is believed to be Lord Vishnu's footprints, Charanpaduka is a rock atop 3380 ft, located 3 km from Badrinath. It can be reached after an arduous trek. This boulder stone is deemed as a religious site visited by hundreds of pilgrims and tourists every year. People believe that Lord Vishnu set his foot first on earth here. 

Charan Paduka is positioned on Narayan Parvat which is just three kilometres away from Badrinath town. You can trek up till the hill which will take hardly 1.5 hours to complete. The etymology of it readily directs one’s attention towards an extraordinary being who must have trekked on this path, leaving eternal impressions of his feet, as charan means feet and paduka means imprints.

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In consonance with the Hindu mythology, it is believed that Lord Vishnu descended on earth from his celestial abode, also known as Vaikuntha. He alighted his first steps on the hill called Narayan Parvat, near Badrinath and left an ever pervading imprints of his feet. Interjected by a legend traced in Bhagwat Puran, where Uddhav, the noble in Lord Krishna’s court meditates for a benediction from Lord Vishnu so that he can get rid of his wrongdoings, Vishnu eventually comes down to bless him with His charan paduka. The story still seems so true that thousands of devotees and pilgrims visit the boulder to cleanse their souls off every wrong deed they have committed.

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