Mana Pass, Badrinath Overview

Perched at a height of 5632 m above the mean sea level, Mana Pass is one of the highest motorable passes in the world. Alternatively known as Mana La, Chirbitya La, or Dungri La, Mana Pass is situated in the Himalayas in Mana village near Badrinath in Uttarakhand, on the border between India and China. It is also one of the highest vehicle accessible passes in the world, the road of which was built in 2005-2010.

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History of Mana Pass

Mana Pass was the ancient trade route between Tibet and India via Uttarakhand. It led from Badrinath to Guge town in Tibet. Two Portuguese people called Jesuits António de Andrade and Manuel Marques were the first known Europeans to enter Tibet via Mana Pass in 1624. The trade route was fully functional till 1951 when it was shut down by the Chinese. In 1954, an agreement was signed between India and China that allowed pilgrims and other travellers to travel through this path.

Deo Tal at Mana Pass

Deo Tal is the sacred lake situated atop the Mana Pass. The lake is considered holy and of great religious importance by the Hindus since it is believed that the mythical Saraswati river originated from here. You can also see Rajas Tal and Nag Tal in the vicinity. Known as the “Lake of the gods” in Sanskrit, the lake remains frozen for most part of the year and is surrounded by icy peaks.

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