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Savitri Bhavan is a centre of spiritual education which functions on the vision and the teachings of Aurobindo and the mother. The core of this system is Aurobindo's mantric epic ÐSavitriÓ and was established to nurture and promote Aurobindo's vision, his work and his life. The Bhavan houses a Picture Gallery, a Digital Library & a reading room, a hostel for volunteers and conducts workshops, classes, orientations, guest lectures, retreats, etc.

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Elamanchili Rama Murthy

on Savitri Bhavan 4 years ago
Physically speaking Savitri is the one which brought her husband (Satyavantha) back to life, winning with God of Death YAMA. But metaphorically it is spiritual practice and following the path of Yoga (Read More) that makes you overcome the fear of Death, and live as Universal Consciousness. Unattached to worldly life.
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