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Tower of the Winds, Athens Overview

Built around the 2nd century, the Tower of the Winds is the world’s first meteorological station located in the Roman Agora in Athens. While touring the inside, you can see the original position of the nine sundials, one large water dial or clepsydra, and a weather vane.

The octagonal structure is 13.5 meters in height and has a diameter of 7.5 meters. It is assumed to be built by the son of Hermias, Andronikos from Kyrros of ancient Macedon. It is also known as the Clock of Andronicus Cyrrhestes. At the top lies the Holorogium, a weather-vane-like bronze Triton showing wind directions. The entire structure is built out of Pentelic marble and belongs to the Corinthian style. It is believed that the Romans thought that the direction of the wind could foretell fortune. In the interior, one can find the water clock or the clepsydra where the water flows from the Rock of Acropolis, helping determine when the sun isn't shining.

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