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Whiskey Point, Arugam Bay, Arugam Bay Overview

Whiskey Point is a popular surfing and swimming location in Arugam Bay. It is an exciting destination for both surfers and non-surfers. The water is a gorgeous turquoise shade, and the sandy beach is clean. The location is suitable for people who want to have a relaxing time away from the busy city life.

Whiskey Point is an offbeat holiday destination for people of all ages, those who are interested in surfing will have a great time battling the raging waves while those who aren't into surfing can enjoy the other activities. The place is also surrounded by many hotels, spas and resorts that offer a laid back and relaxing experience to the guests.

People don't seem to know the exact reason it is called Whiskey Point. Some people say that the name originates from the Tamil term 'Whiskey' which means swirling. This name fits the description as the water in this region often seems to be whirling, which makes it suitable for surfing. This beach is in contrast to its close neighbour, Arugam Bay Beach, as it is hushed and you wouldn't see any boats going out from this area.

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Activities at Whiskey Point

The Whiskey Point is known for its chill waves that are perfect for surfers. The place is also ideal for swimming, but the water can get very aggressive for swimmers. Those who like to to go into the water and get pushed by the waves will have a good time here. The rocks around the area are perfect for climbing and tourists can take amazing photographs here. The sand is also clean and perfect for a walk on the beach. Tourists can enjoy watching the beautiful sunset.

Dining and Local Food at Whiskey Point

Whiskey Point is mainly known for beach parties and beer. But the resorts and eateries around offer delicious and mouthwatering dishes for all the guests. The beach has several stalls that sell fresh coconut juice and local fruit. You can visit SaBaBa's Restaurant, the most popular eatery in this area, and enjoy refreshing lassi and fruit juices. The favourite dishes include traditional fish curry and freshly caught seafood. There are many multi-cuisine restaurants in the area offering Italian, Mexican, and Indian food.

Nightlife at Whiskey Point

Whiskey Point is trendy for its nearby bars and restaurants. The most famous place in the area is SaBaBa's. Tourists come specially to stay at this place. At night SaBaBa's Restaurant hosts major beach parties with quality drinks, beer and food. Whiskey Point is the place to be for party animals. At night you can hear loud music, dance to the beats, and thoroughly enjoy as the party goes on till sunrise. The most popular place to party is Mambo's Hotel.

How To Reach Whiskey Point, Arugam Bay

Whiskey Point is about a 20-minute drive from Arugam Bay. Tuk-Tuk drivers may charge up to LKR 700 for a ride. The nearest airport to the area is the Batticaloa Airport. If travelling from Colombo, you can take a bus which will take about 9 hours to reach Arugam Bay. You can even take a taxi ride which will take lesser time but can cost up to LKR 1500. Tourists should preferably arrange for a hired vehicle.

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