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Crocodile Rock, Arugam Bay, Arugam Bay Overview

The Crocodile Rock is one of the popular attractions in Arugam Bay and has been in the news for several crocodile sightings around it and went completely viral due to one major attack. It is an isolated beach located towards the south of Arugam Bay.

The Crocodile Rock gets its name not only because of the many crocodiles found around it but also due to its resemblance with the shape of a crocodile. Tourists enjoy climbing the Crocodile Rock. Once on top, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding land, including beautiful paddy fields, the lagoon, ocean and the golden sandy beaches. This place is also trendy among surfers.

Crocodile Rock has been featured in many news articles due to the frequent crocodile attacks that take place in this area. It is very close to other famous destinations in Arugam Bay, namely, The Elephant rock and Panama. Since dunes surround the crocodile rock, the beaches here are remarkably untouched and free from traffic.

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Activities at Crocodile Rock

Despite the risk of crocodiles in the water, Crocodile rock offers many exciting water sports. Tourists have to wait for the water to be clear and once signalled, they can engage in activities like surfing and swimming. The water around the rock is very calm and therefore perfect for beginner surfers. However, these activities are greatly restricted, keeping in mind the safety of the visitors.

Wildlife at Crocodile Rock

By the name, one can easily guess that Crocodile Rock has many crocodiles. However, it has several other species too. These include elephants and many species of exotic birds. Elephants roam around in the entire area, but tourists are advised to maintain distance since an encounter with an elephant can prove to be dangerous. Many tuk-tuk drivers also refuse to drive into the area fearing an elephant encounter.

History of Crocodile Rock

The biggest reason as to why the Crocodile Rock is so famous all over the world is the crocodile attack that took place in September 2017. Paul McClean, a British tourist and journalist, was visiting the Crocodile Rock with a group of friends. He separated from them for a while, and while he was merely washing his hands in the surrounding water, a crocodile attacked him and pulled him into the ocean. This news shocked the entire world and went completely viral. Other similar attacks have also taken place around the region, making this a sensitive area. It was later found out that this was the first time someone had died due to an attack in the water. Earlier, many fishers had were attacked and injured by crocodiles. This news made the tourists much more careful about visiting the rock and engaging in any water activities around the area.

Weather of Crocodile Rock

Crocodile Rock experiences tropical weather conditions. It rains very frequently, so tourists are advised to check the weather forecast before visiting. The temperature is usually around 28 - 30 degree Celcius. The water is generally calm but experiences high tide once in a while. During high tide, the height of the rock significantly decreases due to being submerged under water.

Tips while Visiting Crocodile Rock

Stringent safety guidelines have been laid down, and tourists are advised to follow all instructions given by the local people and instructors at the location. Be cautious and read the warning signs to make sure that you are not swimming in a dangerous place. Stay away from the edge of the water if doubtful. If going on a boat ride, make sure that a professional accompany you and don't lean over the side of the boat. Parents are requested to take care and pay close attention to their children. The beach is very sunny, so tourists are advised to carry sun hats and wear sunscreen. The sand can get challenging to walk on depending on the weather and time of the year.

How To Reach Crocodile Rock, Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is about 320 kilometres from Colombo. Crocodile Rock is just 3 kilometres south of Arugam Bay and 2 kilometres from the Arugam point. As soon as one crosses the sandy dunes and the lagoon, the crocodile rock is visible on the beach. Once in the Arugam Bay area, a Tuk-Tuk ride is enough to reach the site.

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