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Time Required : December - April

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Samadhi Buddha, Anuradhapura Overview

The town of Anuradhapura served as the first and ancient capital of Sri Lanka. It is believed to be auspicious to the Sri Lankans, as many times in the past, Anuradhapura served as a city of peace and protection against wars and disharmony. Samadhi Buddha statue is one of such marvels. Placed in Mahamevnāwa Park, this 4th-century statue is considered the best works of Buddha.

King Mutasiva built Mahamevnāwa Park. Maha signifies the rains that poured during the construction of the park. Everything about the environment is austere; It captures Buddha in the state he was when he attained enlightenment in Bodh Gaya. Buddha in Dhyana Mudra assures peace, tranquillity and a sense of well-being. Samadhi Buddha is an 8 feet tall statue carved in granite and sits under a concrete shed.  You can see the bodhi tree, meet the monks and offer some help, chant their prayers at 6:00 PM and receive their blessings. The word 'Samadhi' means "to bring together." "concentration," "single-pointedness of mind,".

On the whole, Samadhi means to concentrate all your efforts and bring yourself together to achieve something. Thus a visit to Samadhi Statue will stand true to what it means and would revive weak souls to get back on track. The aura of Buddha brings vibrancy into everyone who visits.

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Itinerary of Samadhi Buddha

The day starts at Mahamevnawa Dhammachethiya Buddhist Monastery in Anuradhapura, followed by a visit to the ruins of one of the greatest and oldest civilizations spanning over 1300 years and the Sri Maha Bodhi - the sacred Bo sapling extracted from the age-old pipal tree. A drive to Trincomalee – the largest natural harbours in the world with beautiful beaches; Koneswaram Temple and Fort Fredrick here too.

Tips to Travel to Samadhi Buddha

As temperatures are soaring, there is water available in the monastery. Food and an umbrella are a necessity when you visit Samadhi Statue. Remember to wear shoes that can be removed easily as a trip to the monastery involves walking barefoot.

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