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Ranmasu Uyana, Anuradhapura Overview

A park in the pre-Christian era of Sri Lanka, Ranmasu Uyana is a sculpted rock-carved for bathing purposes during the days’ monarchy. Anuradhapura is the heritage capital of Sri Lanka hosts structures with intricate stone carvings and excellent craftsmanship. The Ranmasu Uyana was one among them.

But it is something that way way ahead of its time. The science astronomy that went behind its construction still continues to puzzle experts. It is located in the old town near the Isurumuniya Vihara and Tissawewa, while the name translates to “Gold Fish Park”. This garden of 40 acres is widely appreciated for its state of the art Hydraulics system which the first of its kind. It uses the right pressure to get water from the Tissa tank and pump it into the swimming pools of the garden. The garden features beautiful plants, trees, vines and flowering shrubs. Ranmasu Uyana rightly panders to Sinhalese literature. It symbolises beauty, elegance.

According to the old books, Bathing pools and gardens were iconic to the Sri Lankan lifestyle. Another important feature of Ranmasu Uyana is the infamous stargate – one of the first few stargates in the world after Peru and Egypt. A stargate in the olden days was seen as a connection or gateway between the humans and extraterrestrials. What better than Sri Lanka to contribute to history, physics and astronomy too! The Magul Uyana is a multipurpose convention that houses everything one needs to visit in Anuradhapura under one complex - pools, Buddhist temples, stupas, gardens and the ruins of war.

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History of Ranmasu Uyana

Prince Vijaya founded the Sinhala race; his follower Anuradha was the first one to settle in the Sinhalese lands which lead to the name, Anuradhapura. King Pandukabhaya made Anuradhapura the capital city of Ceylon and developed the city to include hospitals, hostels, Jain temples, water reservoirs and cemeteries. It was later that King Devanampiya Tissa encountered Buddhist monk aka Son of King Ashoka, Mahinda which lead to the outbreak of Buddhism in the country. More establishments in the city were monasteries and the royal gardens – Magul Uyana. Legend has it that it was in this Royal Park that King Dutugamunu’s only son Prince Saliya met Asokamala and gave up the throne out of love for her.

Architecture of Ranmasu Uyana

Ranmasu Uyana was way ahead of its times, and it is one of a kind facility that served as recreation, a reservoir of sorts and an irrigation facility for the rice fields in Isurumuniya. The sculpted bating pond sees inscriptions that explain its origin and purpose. The real wonder, however, is the stargate hidden amongst caves and rock boulders. It gives away vibes of Game of Thrones owing to the rugged surroundings and ancient stonework. The stargate is believed to be accessed only by four individuals in history and the chart that is inscribed shows evidence of their living. The similarities of the stargate and the location next to a waterbody rings to mind Peru and Egypt’s stargate. It is believed that Ranmasu Uyana was a ‘gold processing centre of extraterrestrials and that it was with their knowledge that Ranmasu Uyana was developed.

Tips to Travel Ranmasu Uyana

Carry water to stay hydrated and an umbrella to walk comfortably, avoiding the heat. Sunblocks are also an added advantage!

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