Here are the top 3 places to visit in Neil Island

1. Sitapur Beach

Sitapur Beach

1 out of 3 places to visit in Neil Island

Sitapur Beach is also known as Beach number 5 or Sunrise Beach. is mostly known for its enchanting golden sunrises and sunsets, it is absolutely safe to swim in. There are very few places offering food and drink options, so you are advised to carry your own. Sitapur Beach can be reached by a Jetty or ferry from Port Blair to Neil Island.

2. Laxmanpur Beach 2

Laxmanpur Beach 2

2 out of 3 places to visit in Neil Island

Located on Neil Island, Laxmanpur Beach is a long beach divided into two parts: Laxmanpur Beach I known for its mesmerising sunsets and Laxmanpur Beach II known for the two natural arch bridges or Howrah Bridge. The abundance of corals and marine life on the shores during the low tide is popular among the visitors. Walking towards the natural arch bridge can be a bit tricky as you will have to walk over the dead corals so it is highly recommended to wear proper footwear. You can also spot a myriad of marine life here. 

3. Laxmanpur Beach 1

Laxmanpur Beach 1

3 out of 3 places to visit in Neil Island

Laxmanpur Beach 1, located on Neil Island is known for its beautiful sunset. The sunset point is located right next to the beach. Offering amazing views of the sunset, one can relax and enjoy the view being seated at the huts and benches by the shore. Reach 15 mins before the sunset to catch a spot.

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