The Borra Hills and Caves, Ananthagiri Hills Overview

Located in the Anantha Hilla of Araku Valley, Borra Caves are major tourist attraction on the East Coast of India. They present one of the most extraordinary natural wonders spread across an area of 2 sq km and lying at a height of 1400 m above the sea level.

These caves were the discovery of William King George who belonged to Geological Survey of India in 1807. These caves are believed to be the largest as well as deepest caves in India with a depth of 80 meters. It is made out of Karstic Limestone structure. There is very popular folklore attached to this cave which goes something like this. When a cow grazing on the top of the caves fell through a hole in the roof, the herdsman while searching for the cow came across the caves. On finding a stone resembling Shiva Lingam in the caves, a small temple devoted to Lord Shiva was built outside it. These caves are currently home to animals like golden geckos and bats. Perfect time to explore these caves is between November and December.

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