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Al Ain Zoo, Al Ain Overview

The Al Ain Zoo is a humongous 400-hectare park near the base of Jebel Hafeet is where visitors can see a large collection of animals in enclosures that closely resemble their natural habitats. There are plenty of green public spaces for picnics alongside several playgrounds, a cafeteria and a train tour of the wildlife area.  Over 4,000 animals reside in the zoo out of which around 130 species are considered endangered. There’s also a bird show featuring predatory and night birds which occurs in the evening

There are multiple ways to experience the zoo across a variety of budgets. However, you get the very unique opportunity of experiencing wild animals at a very close range. This massive zoo is an adventure of its own, too big to be completely explored in a day. The Al Ain Zoo is one of the more popular attractions among tourists. You can spend at least three hours looking around its modern, spacious enclosures. If you arrive after nightfall, hire a pair of night goggles (a world first for a zoo) and watch nocturnal animals come out to play.

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The Al Ain zoo was founded in 1967 by the late Sheikh Zayed, founder of the United Arab Emirates. He created the zoo out of his concern for nature and wildlife of his homeland. This massive zoo was built with an objective of creating natural habitats for animals to live freely and has been a centre for the conservation of endangered species.

The zoo features a large cat house apart from a reptile house, an aquarium, a monkey compound and an aviary. The zoo has a ‘yellow section’ that houses the African lion, Bengal tiger, chimpanzee, puma, saltwater crocodile, panther, Nile crocodile and leopards. Rare animals like the Arabian antelopes and Oryx, Eland, Gazelles, and Lechwes can be found within this gigantic zoo. There’s also a flower garden and a native plant garden that features plant species indigenous to the region.

Nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Families who are looking to have a great time together can also enjoy spending a day at this zoo.

Normal tickets cost AED 30 (adult) and AED 10 (child)

Safari Truck costs AED 200 per head and Safari SUV which can seat six people costs AED 1000 (up to six people)

The personal lounge safari tickets cost AED 2500

The zoo can be explored easily and thoroughly through the safari service. There are packages extending across a wide range with the lowest starting at AED 200 per head. The next package is marked as AED 1000 for a maximum of six people. Here you get a private safari truck completely to yourself or whoever is accompanying you. The highest package is marked at AED 2500 where apart from a personal SUV, you get a personal air-conditioned lounge too where you can unwind, relax and browse through the zoo at your own pace. Book the safari tickets online from the official Al-Ain Zoo website. However, keep in mind that the tickets are non-refundable.

Undoubtedly during the winter months since it tends to get really hot during the summers/ Early October to late January work best.

  • Carry water, you get dehydrated quickly.
  • Don't forget the camera, the proximity to wild animals provide amazing opportunities for great shots.
  • Hiring a guide will allow you to get more out of the trip.
  • Feeding giraffes, riding camels petting animals at the 'Elezba' zoo are a few of the interactive activities available at the zoo.
  • A bird show featuring predatory and night birds starts at 7 PM. This show lasts for about half an hour.

The Zoo is located just 15 minutes away from the Al Ain city. The best way to get there is by car. You can hail a taxi or take part in a guided tour.

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