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Q. What kind of shopping can I do in Agartala?

Sourabh Acharya

4 years ago
All sorts of shopping can be done here!!! U just hav to know tge places!!
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Q. How much it cots the hotel there

Nibha Chaudhuri

4 years ago
Depends on what you're looking for. A general range could be between INR 700 - INR 4000
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Surbhi Parashar

4 years ago
- Bengali and English are the dominant languages in the state.

Shreya Shah

on Ujjayanta Palace 4 years ago
Liked it very much as I'm a museum lover. If you want to know any new locality or state go to any museum there. In this palace there's a museum that represents not only tripura but all the other Nort (Read More)h eastern States and their dressing differences and living styles. Got to know a lot of about Tagore too.

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