Bring on the Christmas Feels at Santa Claus Village

Christmas Bells are ringing, and it is the time to paint the town red and white! If you want your childhood dream of meeting Santa to come true, take a trip to the North and meet Santa in the Arctic Circle every day in the Santa Village in Rovaniemi.

Here, you will get the amazing chance to watch Santa carry on with his daily chores every day. Santa is this cute little teddy bear that is always ready to look after the well-being of children, instil kindness in the grownups and keep the warm spirit of Christmas alive throughout the world.



Santa Claus Village is situated in the beautiful town of Lapland in Finland which is 8km North of Rovaniemi City Center. If you are going directly from the airport, it is 3km away from the Santa Claus Village. 

Further, you can also opt for a local bus or private taxi to spend a memorable time at this marvellous destination.
Santa Claus Village
Tähtikuja 1
96930 Napapiiri (Arctic Circle)

Highlights of Santa Claus Village


1. Santa Park
It is Christmas all year round in the magical Santa Park, and you too can be a part of this lovely experience. You can take part in the Elves School, and try the delicious gingerbread cookies. Further, a ride on the magic train is sure to make you jittery. The experience comes to a full finish as you watch the mesmerising magic show and finally get the chance to meet Santa himself!

2. Christmas House
The Christmas House will take you through an inspiring journey through the Christmas exhibition where you will get to see different Christmas traditions from all over the world. Entry to this Christmas House is free of cost.

3. Mrs Claus Christmas Cottage
The newest attraction at Santa Village is Mrs.Claus Christmas Cottage. Join Mrs Claus on her endeavours as she prepares delicious Christmas porridge or whips up some delectable gingerbread cookies. This visit is sure to make you feel warm and welcome as you get to be a part of all the preparation that goes into making Santa ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

4. Arctic Circle Husky Park
This Park is open throughout the year. There are husky rides and safaris which are available on all days.

5. Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park
This Park was established by a family in 1999, which expands each year since then. They organise and curate different safari rides to watch the magical Northern Lights or witness the beautiful phenomenon of the Midnight Sun during the summers.

6. Elf's Farmyard Petting Zoo
Is a great place to greet the winter animals and spend some quality time with your family.

7. Santa Claus Reindeer Rides
You can take a trip and lighten up the Christmas spirit as you embark on a chilling ride in the backyard of Santa’s Office. There also special rides which are organised in summers and even for Northern Lights.

8. Snowman World Winter Zone
This is the perfect place to have fun in Santa Village as you come down the ice slides. You can also ice skate or have some fun in the snow. To top it all, you can also visit the awe-striking Ice Restaurant and Ice Bar to marvel at the amazing Ice sculptures.

Well then, are you excited for Christmas? Are you planning a trip to Santa Village?

Let us know about your Christmas traditions or plans that you have to lighten up this holiday season.

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